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Manual abstract: user guide BOSCH SMI 50E85EU/50SUPPLEMENT

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Next to this symbol you receive additional information and practical tips on using the appliance. Tips and instructions for the economical and environmentally conscious use of the appliance are marked with a clover leaf. In the event of a malfunction, these operating instructions contain information on how to rectify faults yourself, see the "What to do, if. . . " section. If these instructions are insufficient, please contact your nearest customer service centre. [. . . ] If the pause function is initiated during the drying section of the programme I the wash programme is ended. Using the pause function the dishwasher can be temporarily stopped: 0 1. After a short time when the wash programme is to continue, press the ON/OFF button again. The wash programme will continue. 2 The wash programme should not be stopped for a prolonged period or the cooled water will need to be reheated resulting in increased energy consumption. Setting or changing the delay start timer Using the delay start timer you can opt to set the wash programme to start in 3, 6 or 9 hours. Setting the delay start timer: Press the button b until the indicator next to the number of hours of delay illuminates. Changing the delay start timer: As long as the wash programme has not started, you can still change the delay start set by pressing the button b. Repeatedly press the button b until all three of the time indicators are off. After the set number of hours the wash programme will begin. 23 Operating Instructions Switching Off the Dishwasher Only switch off the dishwasher when L is illuminated on the programme progress display. The ON/OFF button M indicator extinguishes. 1 Hot steam may escape from the appliance when opening the door immediately after the end of the programme. Open the door carefully. Emptying the Dishwasher 3 · Hot dishes are sensitive to knocks. The dishes should therefore be allowed to cool down before removing them from the appliance. ­ The dishes were arranged in such a way as to stop the water reaching all parts of the surface. ­ The filters in the base of the washing compartment are dirty or incorrectly positioned. ­ Where there are limescale deposits on the dishes: the special salt container is empty or the water softener is incorrectly adjusted. 27 Operating Instructions There are streaks, milky spots or a bluish coating on glasses and dishes. Contact the detergent manufacturer's consumer advisor. Technical Data Capacity: Permitted Water Pressure: Electrical Connection: 12 place settings including serving dishes 1-10 bar (=10-100 N/cm2 = 0. 1-1. 0 MPa) Information on the electrical connection is given on the rating plate on the inner edge of the dishwasher door on the right. Dishwasher: Free-Standing Appliances Dimensions: Max. Weight: 850 x 600 x 600 (H x W x D in mm) 54 Kg Dishwashers that Can Be Integrated, Built-In Dishwashers Dimensions: Max. Weight: 820 ­ 880 x 596 x 570 (H x W x D in mm) 50 Kg Dishwashers that Can Be Fully Integrated Dimensions: Max. Weight: 820 ­ 880 x 596 x 546 - 550 (H x W x D in mm) 50 Kg ; This appliance conforms with the following EU Directives: ­ 73/23/EWG dated 19. 1989 (including Directive Amendment 92/31/EWG) ­ EMC Directive 28 Operating Instructions Notes for Test Institutes Testing in accordance with EN 60704 must be carried out with the appliance fully loaded and using the test programme (see Programme Table). Tests in accordance with EN 50242 must be carried out when the salt dispenser and rinse aid container have been filled with salt and rinse aid respectively and using the test programme (see Programme Table). Full Load: 12 place settings incl. serving dishes Detergent Dosing: Rinse Aid Setting: 5g + 25g (Type B) 4 (Type III) Half Load: 6 place settings incl. [. . . ] The guarantee does not apply to defects due to transport which have occurred outside of our responsibility. Nor will the guarantee cover those caused by inadequate installation or assembly, lack of maintenance or failure to respect the assembly instructions or directions for use. Defects that result from repairs or measures carried out by people who are not qualified or expert or defects that result from the addition of non-original accessories or spare parts are not covered by the guarantee. Appliances that are easy to transport may be delivered or sent to the consumer services department. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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