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[. . . ] Sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or fire resulting in bodily injury or even death. Users are advised not to use the equipment at refueling points such as service or gas stations. Users are reminded of the need to observe restrictions on the use of radio equipment in fuel depots, chemical plants or where blasting operations are in progress. Areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere are often, but not always, clearly marked. [. . . ] n The Running Programs tab displays the list of currently active programs. You can stop a program by selecting it in the list and then tapping Stop or just tap Stop All to stop all the running programs. You may need to stop a program if it becomes unstable or the program memory is low. Power: Tap the Start menu > Settings > the System tab > Power. Battery power depends on the battery type and how the device is being used. n On the Advanced tab, you can select options for turning off your device to conserve battery power. To conserve the most power, select the option that turns off the device after 3 minutes or less. SMI 54M06EU/81 User Manual 91 Permanent Save You can choose to back up Contacts and Appointments, Tasks, and Connection Setting to non-volatile memory. Backing them up in this way means they will not be lost in the event your device loses all power and you have to perform a full reset. To back up to FlashROM: 1. Tap the Start menu > Settings > the System tab > Permanent Save. Tap OK. When you elect to back up Contacts and Appointments, your SMI 54M06EU/81 will automatically back up newly added contacts, appointments or tasks items. This will not happen for connection settings if you add new connections you will need to back it up manually. To restore to FlashROM: 1. Select the desired item by checking the boxes > OK. Keyboard Your SMI 54M06EU/81 comes with a QWERTY keyboard. To open the Keyboard setting program which allows you to switch on the keyboard backlight, set a time limit for the keyboard backlight to switch off when it is not being used. My ISP settings are used to connect to the Internet, and My Work Network settings can be used to connect to any private network, such as a corporate network. Fill in the settings and you connect to the Internet. 6. 2 Connecting to the Internet You can use My ISP settings to connect to the Internet and use different connection methods to send and receive E-mail messages and surf the Internet. Connect to the Internet via an ISP: 1. Obtain the following information from your ISP (Internet Service Provider): n ISP server phone number. (Required for GPRS connection). 96 SMI 54M06EU/81 Phone User Manual 2. Tap the Start menu > Settings > the Connections tab > Connections > Connections. To create a new connection in My ISP, tap Add a new modem connection, and follow the instructions in the Make New Connection wizard. If you are using a mobile phone network to connect, tap Cellular Line in the Select a modem list. n To start the connection, switch to Pocket Internet Explorer and browse to a Web page. Your device will automatically connect. To change modem connection settings, in either My ISP or My Work Network, tap Manage existing connections. Select the desired modem connection, tap Settings, and follow the instructions on the screen. Connecting to a private network 1. Obtain the following information from your network administrator: n Server phone number. [. . . ] Phone n SMI 54M06EU/81 User Manual 173 Problem n The screen is dark. Solution 1 2 Check the Brightness setting by tapping the Start menu > Settings > the System tab > the Backlight > Brightness tab. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may also cause your SMI 54M06EU/81 screen to temporarily darken. This is normal for LCD screens and is not permanent. n A Running out of memory warning message pops up on the screen. Memory on your SMI 54M06EU/81 is shared between storage memory and program memory: 1 Delete any unnecessary information you have entered to release more storage memory space. 2 Delete the unnecessary programs you have installed to release more program memory space. [. . . ]


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