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[. . . ] He will arrange for a prompt, quality installation by Sears Authorized Installers. SEARS INSTALLATION POLICY All installation labor arranged by Sears shall be performed in a neat, workmanlike manner in accordance with generally accepted trade practices. Further, all installations shall comply with all local laws, codes, regulations, and ordinances. Customer shall also be protected, during installation, by insurance relating to Property Damage, Workman' Coms pensation and Public Liability. SEARS INSTALLATION WARRANTY In addition to any warranty extended to you on the Sears merchandise involved, which warranty becomes effective the date the merchandise in installed, should the workmanship of any Sears arranged installation prove faulty within one year, Sears will, upon notice from you, cause such faults to be corrected at no additional cost to you. FACTS AND FIGURES TO KEEP Fill in the blanks below and keep this book in a safe place so you always have these facts. Serial Number Date Installed Water Hardness Grains Per Gallon Iron Content Parts Per Million *pH Taste And/Or Odor Water Pressure Pounds/Square Inch Water Flow Rate Gallons Per Minute The model number is on the rating decal, located on the rim, under the salt hole cover. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE NO. SECTION 1 A. [. . . ] 6 WATER FLOW THROUGH THE SOFTENER IN BRINING AND BRINE RINSE hard water bypass OUT nozzle & venturi hard water IN drain ¤ FAST RINSE: Backwash is followed by a fast flow of water down through the resin tank. The fast flow packs the resin bed and gets it ready for return to service (FIG. Hard water goes into the resin tank where the resin bed again takes out the hardness minerals. 8 WATER FLOW THROUGH THE SOFTENER IN FAST RINSE soft water OUT hard water IN drain brine valve brine £ BACKWASH: During backwash, water flows UP through the resin tank (FIG. 7) at a fast rate to flush iron minerals, dirt and sediments from the bed and to the drain. The bed lifts and expands for good cleaning. 14 SECTION 2 2B. HOW YOUR WATER SOFTENER WORKS SOFT WATER SERVICE AND REGENERATION ELECTRONICS Two main parts of the softener' electronics are ¡ a s WATER METER, and © a COMPUTER. ¡ WATER METER -- The water meter is in the softener valve outlet. As water flows through the meter, it sends electric pulses to the computer. © COMPUTER -- The computer is part of the faceplate timer circuit board. It is programmed to know the softener' capacity (how many grains of s hardness minerals it will take out of the water before a regeneration is needed). When starting the softener, page 7, you set it for the grains per gallon (gpg) hardness of the water. When dusty, wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it sparkling. NOZZLE & VENTURI A clean nozzle and venturi (FIG. This small unit moves brine from the salt storage tank to the resin tank during regeneration. If it becomes plugged with sand, silt, dirt, etc. , the softener will not work and you will get hard water. Be sure the softener is in service cycle (no water pressure at nozzle and venturi), then turn off the cap from the nozzle and venturi housing. Lubricate the o-ring seal with silicone grease or Vaseline and place in position. 10 CLEANING THE NOZZLE & VENTURI Cap O-ring Seal Screen Support Screen Nozzle & Venturi Gasket IMPORTANT: Be sure small holes in the gasket are centered directly over the small holes in the nozzle & venturi housing. *Flow Plug (1-EP) Screen *Flow Plug (HVDC) Nozzle & Venturi Housing *Install with numbered side up concave side down. Be sure the largest flow plug is located in the nozzle & venturi housing. IRON FROM THE RESIN BED Your water softener takes hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) out of the water. With clear water iron, water from a faucet is clear when first put into a glass. After 15 to 30 minutes, the water begins to cloud or turn rust colored. A water softener WILL NOT remove any iron which makes the water cloudy or rusty as it comes from the faucet (called red water iron). To take red water iron out of water, or over the maximum of clear water iron, an iron filter or other equipment is needed. [. . . ] The valve motor rotates the rotor and disc and the valve cam until the position switch lever drops, to open the motor circuit and position the valve in FILL. As the rotor and disc rotates, the port opens for SOFT water fill through the venturi. Fill flow continues to the brine valve, and into the salt storage tank. Soft water is still available to the house lines. 26 SECTION 5 SERVICE TECH INFORMATION 5C. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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