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[. . . ] Before you switch ON the appliance Please read the operating and installation instructions carefully. They contain important information on how to install, use and maintain the appliance. Retain all documents for subsequent use or for the next owner. 4 Safety instructions en Delivery 1. Check the packaging and dishwasher immediately for damage caused in transit. [. . . ] Request by e-mail to: dishwasher@test-appliances. com The product number (E no. ) and the production number (FD) are required which you can find on the rating plate 92 on the appliance door. If you have only a few items to wash (e. g. It is recommended to put a little less detergent in the detergent dispenser than for a full load. HygienePlus * H ygien Plus This function increases the temperatures and retains them for an extra long time to obtain a defined disinfection performance. chopping boards and baby bottles. Ï Intensive zone * Intensivezone Additional options liA a ni otd sit np oo * depending on model Additional options can be set with the buttons `. Perfect for a mixed load. You can wash very soiled pots and pans in the lower basket together with normally soiled utensils in the upper basket. The spray pressure in the lower basket is intensified, the rinsing temperature is increased slightly. Å Express WashPlus/Speed PerfectPlus (VarioSpeedPlus) Expres WaschPlus/Spe dPerfectPlus(VarioSpe dPlus) ¿ Extra drying * Extra drying This function can reduce the running time by approx. To obtain optimum cleaning and drying results at a reduced running time, water and energy consumption are increased. An increased temperature during the final rinse and an extended drying phase ensure that even plastic parts dry better. There is a slight increase in the energy consumption. 20 Operating the appliance en Operating the appliance ga ntr iO e p eiph c at nl e a Programme data The programme data (consumption values) can be found in the summary of instructions. water temperature or line pressure may result in deviations. Aquasensor Aqua sensor * Note - for environmentally friendly operation of the dishwasher: For ecological reasons the Eco 50° programme is preset whenever the appliance starts. The Eco 50° programme is a particularly environmentally friendly programme. According to EU regulation 1016/2010 it is the “Standard programme” which is the most efficient standard cleaning cycle for cleaning normally soiled utensils in terms of the combined energy and water consumption for cleaning these types of utensils. * depending on model The Aqua sensor is an optical measuring device (light barrier) which measures the turbidity of the rinsing water. If the Aqua sensor is active, “clean” rinsing water can be transferred to the next rinse bath and water consumption can be reduced by 3–6 litres. Press programme button # until the factory set value : is indicated on the digital display )*. Interrupting the programme 1. If the door was opened on an appliance which has a warm water connection or is heated, first leave the door ajar for several minutes and then close. Otherwise, expansion (pressure) may cause the appliance door to spring open or water to run out of the appliance. To continue the programme, switch on the ON/OFF switch ( again. 23 en Cleaning and maintenance Never use a steam cleaner to clean your dishwasher. Regularly wipe the front of the appliance and fascia with a damp cloth; water and a little washing up liquid are adequate. Do not use sponges with a rough surface or abrasive detergents, as these could scratch the surfaces. Stainless steel appliances: To prevent corrosion, avoid using sponge cloths or wash them out thoroughly several times before using for the first time. To change the setting, 1. The set value is saved. Cleaning and maintenance gC ne i nl a d n a en cm nti aa e A regular inspection and maintenance of your machine will help to prevent faults. This saves time and prevents problems. m Warning – Health hazard Never use other domestic detergents, e. g. containing chlorine! Overall condition of the machine Check spray arm for grease and limescale deposits. Start the appliance without utensils in the programme with the highest rinsing temperature. [. . . ] by screwing it to the wall or by installing it under a continuous worktop which is screwed to adjacent cupboards. The appliance can easily be installed in a fitted kitchen between wooden and plastic walls. Technical specifications Weight: max. 60 kg Voltage: 220–240 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz Connected load: 2. 0–2. 4 kW Fuse: 10/16 A (UK 13A) Power input: switched off 0. 1 W not switched off 0. 1 W Water pressure: at least 0. 05 MPa (0. 5 bar), maximum 1 MPa (10 bar). Inlet rate: minimum 10 litres/minute Water temperature: cold water; hot water max. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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