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[. . . ] To adjust the temperature Turn the thermostat control knob (2): - towards position Min/1 if the temperature within the compartment is too cold - towards position Max/7 for colder temperatures - to position OFF to switch off the appliance. Note: In models without the "COOL" compartment, air distribution in the lower part of the refrigerator can be adjusted by means of the regulator (4). HOW TO OPERATE THE "COOL" COMPARTMENT (DEPENDING ON MODEL) The appliance is equipped with a "COOL" compartment To adjust the temperature, use the adjustment button (4) · Towards position (+) for cooler temperatures. It is possible to remove the drawer of the Fresh Control Compartment. 5019 437 33024 HOW TO OPERATE THE FREEZER COMPARTMENT · When the appliance is plugged in, the freezer compartment switches on automatically. Important: · There is no need to adjust the thermostat knob as the temperature is factory set to ensure the correct storage temperature for frozen foods in the freezer compartment at ambient temperatures between +20°C and +25°C. [. . . ] Before scrapping, make the appliance unusable by cutting off the power cable and removing the doors and shelves so that children cannot easily climb inside the appliance. Disposal must be carried out in accordance with local environmental regulations for waste disposal. Deliver the appliance immediately to an authorized dump; do not leave it unattended even for a few days, since it is potentially dangerous for children. For more detailed information about treatment, recovery and recycling of this product, please contact your local city office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product. 15 PRECAUTIONS AND GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS · Use the refrigerator compartment only for storing fresh food and beverages and use the freezer compartment only for storing frozen food, freezing fresh food and making ice cubes. · After installation, make sure that the appliance is not standing on the power supply cable. · Do not store glass containers with liquids in the freezer since they may burst. · Do not eat ice cubes or ice lollies immediately after taking them out of the freezer since they may cause cold burns. · Before carrying out any maintenance or cleaning, always unplug the appliance or disconnect the power supply. · Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapours and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance. · To ensure proper ventilation leave a space on both sides and above the appliance. · Ensure that the vent outlets on the appliance casing or housing unit are unobstructed in order to allow correct air circulation. · The Manufacturer declines all liabilities for injury to persons or animals or damage to proper resulting ty from failure to observe these regulations. HOW TO STORE FOODS IN REFRIGERATOR COMPARTMENT Position the food as shown in the figure. A Cooked food B Fish, meat C Fruit and vegetables D Bottles E Butter F Dairy products, cheese Notes: · The space between the shelves and the rear wall of the refrigerator compartment must be unobstructed to allow circulation of air. · Do not place food in direct contact with the rear wall of the refrigerator compartment. Storing vegetables with a high water content can result in condensation in the crisper container: this will not affect the correct operation of the appliance. 17 EXTRA SHELF (depending on the model) Your refrigerator is provided with extra wire shelf. · Clean the freezer compartment using a sponge dampened in a solution of warm water and neutral detergent. Note: · Do not use sharp or pointed metal instruments to scrape off ice; do not heat the freezer compartment artificially. Any damage to the appliance resulting from failure to observe these instructions is not covered by the guarantee. · Any increase in temperature of frozen food during defrosting can shorten its storage life. 19 HOW TO FREEZE FRESH FOOD You can use the freezer compartment to freeze food. The amount of fresh food that can be frozen in 24 hours, at an ambient temperature of +25°C, is indicated on the data plate. How to proceed: · Wrap and seal the food in: aluminium foil, cling film, watertight plastic bags, polythene containers with lids or special freezer containers. [. . . ] Check level of appliance (adjustment front stems) Check if the appliance isn't in contact with other furniture or objects. 4. The inside light is not working Bulb burnt out. 5. The appliance is excessively noisy. The appliance is wrong set. 6. The front edge of the appliance maybe hot. Noises due to expansion in the refrigerant circuit. Normal effect correctly. Normal effect ­ prevent the formation of condensation water. AFTER-SALES SERVICE Before contacting After-Sales Service: 1. See if you can solve the problem yourself with the help of the "Troubleshooting guide"). [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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