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[. . . ] · Before servicing or cleaning the appliance, unplug it from the mains or disconnect the electrical power supply. · The power cable may only be replaced by an authorised person. Information Appliances with Isobutane (R600a) Isobutane is a natural gas with low environmental impact. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that refrigerant pipelines are not damaged. [. . . ] · Maximum holding capacities for classic 0. 75l bordolese bottles are as follows: h 1400 mm holds 111 bottles, h 1600 mm holds 131 bottles. · Recommended holding capacities for classic 0. 75 l Bordolese bottles are as follows: h 1400 mm holds 88 bottles, h 1600 mm holds 101 bottles. In any event, the h 1400 structure is capable of holding up to 111 bottles and h 1600 up to 131 bottles (Bordolese bottles). 14 INTRODUCTION TO WINE Wine storage A well-known characteristic of wine is that it can be stored over time: in the correct location, white wines can be stored for about two years after their vintage although ideally they should be drunk within one year. While light red wines can be stored for up to two years, full-bodied reds will age well for 10 years and dessert wines even up to twenty years. When you buy a bottle of wine, transfer it to your wine cellar or other suitable place immediately. There are three main factors that weigh on the process from grape cultivation to harvesting and fermentation: light, humidity and ambient temperature. To ensure the taste of the wine matures to its peak and the aroma remains unaltered, it must be stored with the right interaction of these three factors. arranged at liberty by place of origin, type of wine, area of production, winery or vintage, using the catalogue labels provided if desired. Arranging the bottles so that they can be easily identified and selected prevents any accidental jolts which, like vibrations, can unsettle sediments and alter the visual appearance of the wine for some time. Hence, try to move your bottles as little as possible, allowing the wine to rest. Furthermore, don't push the bottles so far back that they rest against the rear wall of the cellar as this would not only interfere with the automatic defrosting function, the water droplets collected during defrosting could also ruin the bottle labels. To adjust the temperature in the compartment, turn the thermostat control knob: · to MIN for the LEAST COLD internal temperature; · to MED for a MEDIUM temperature; · to MAX for the COLDEST temperature. Thermostat setting on z: appliance functions and interior light have been interrupted but the the cellar is still powered on. Note: Ambient air temperature, frequency of door opening and the position of the appliance can affect internal temperatures. These factors must be taken into account when setting the thermostat. 16 CARE AND MAINTENANCE Before any cleaning or maintenance operation, unplug the appliance from the mains or disconnect the electrical power supply. · Droplets of water on the rear wall of the appliance indicate that the periodic automatic defrost cycle is in progress. The defrost water is automatically routed to a drain outlet and into a container from which it evaporates. · Clean the defrost water drain outlet regularly using the tool supplied with the appliance in order to ensure defrost water is removed correctly. · Clean the condenser at the rear of the appliance regularly with a vacuum cleaner or a brush. If necessary. . . 1. 3-4mm) to prevent the formation of mould, unpleasant odours and oxidation. · Clean the inside regularly with a sponge dampened in warm water and/or neutral detergent. · Clean the outside of the glass with a standard glass-cleaning detergent but with a damp cloth only on the inside to prevent detergents from interfering with the proper storage of the wine. Active carbons In addition to temperature, air quality is also vital in wine storage. [. . . ] Notes: Gurgling and hissing noises due to expansion in the refrigerant circuit are normal. AFTER-SALES SERVICE Before contacting the After-sales Service: 1. check first if you can solve the problem by yourself (see "Troubleshooting guide"). If it does, disconnect the appliance from the power supply and wait for about an hour before switching it on again. If the problem persists after this course of action, contact After-sales Service. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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