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[. . . ] Packing The packaging material is entirely recyclable, and marked with the recycling symbol. Keep the packaging materials (plastic bags, polystyrene parts, etc. ) out of reach of children, as they are potentially dangerous. Disposal must be carried out in accordance with local environmental regulations for waste disposal. Deliver the appliance immediately to an authorized dump; do not leave it unattended even for a few days, since it is potentially dangerous for children. [. . . ] · The power cable may only be replaced by an authorized person. · Be careful not to damage the floors when you move the appliance (e. g. · This appliance is not designed for use by young children or the infirm. · Do not use electrical appliances inside the freezer compartments, unless such appliances are specifically recommended by the manufacturer. The appliance is set for operation at specific ambient temperature ranges, according to the climatic class indicated on the data plate: The appliance may not work properly if it is left for a long period at a temperature above or below the indicated range. Climatic class SN N ST T Amb. (°F) From 50 to 90 From 61 to 90 From 64 to 100 From 64 to 110 Important: · If a large number of bottles are placed in the cellar at the one time, it may take a few days before a constant temperature is reached. · When in operation, water droplets and frost form on the walls of the cellar. The defrost water is automatically routed to a drain outlet and into a container from which it evaporates. Each rack should not be used to hold more than 40 Kg. Bottle arrangement tips · Place the bottles in the middle of the rack. · On closing the door, make sure the bottles don't touch the glass. · Important: spirits and liqueurs should be airtight and stored in the upright position. In this way, you can store and age any kind of wine properly even if you don't have a natural wine cellar. The cork This is an essential part of the bottle: the quality of the cork, selected by the wine-maker, is very important in the ageing process of the wine itself. The conditions of the cork, including corks in bottled wine, depend solely on the process and storage standards used by the manufacturer or bottler. How to store wine When storing your wine bottles, one golden rule not to be overlooked is that they must be laid horizontally or at an angle to ensure the wine keeps the cork wet. Some say that this causes the classic smell of "cork" in wine. In actual fact, keeping the cork in contact with the wine enhances its elasticity 15 HOW TO USE THE WINE CELLAR Switching on the appliance Starting up the appliance All controls are on the outside of the appliance. Plug in the appliance to start it running and set the thermostat located on the front panel to the required temperature; a green indicator light will come on showing the appliance is on. The product has an internal light that switches on automatically when the door is opened (models with metal door) or it can be turned on and off when needed by pressing the button located on the control panel (models with glass door). Adjusting the temperature 1. To ensure the appliance functions correctly, set the thermostat as explained in section "Introduction to wine" (page 15). To adjust the temperature in the compartment, turn the thermostat control knob: · to MIN for the LEAST COLD internal temperatures; · to MED for a MEDIUM temperature; · to MAX for the COLDEST temperature. Thermostat set to z: appliance functions and interior light have been interrupted but the the cellar is still powered on. Note: The ambient air temperature, frequency of door opening and the position of the appliance can affect internal temperatures. These factors must be taken into account when setting the thermostat. 16 CARE AND MAINTENANCE Before any cleaning or maintenance operation, unplug the appliance from the mains or disconnect the electrical power supply. [. . . ] · If this is not possible, the following minimum distances must be respected: · 30 cm from coal or paraffin stoves; · 3 cm from electric and/or gas stoves. · Fit the spacers on the rear of the condenser at the back of the appliance (see figure). · To optimize appliance efficiency, leave a 5 cm gap above the appliance and make sure that adjacent kitchen units are sufficiently distanced to allow air circulation. · Install the appliance in a dry, well-ventilated place, and ensure it is level, using the front adjustment feet if necessary. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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