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[. . . ] 42-34362 (5 micron): Sediment cartridges remove sand, silt, clay, dirt, and other sediments from water. The 25 micron cartridge filters larger sediments from water, and al lows higher flows at less pressure drop. The 5 micron cartridge filters finer sediments from water, usually to a single faucet. Many bad tastes and/or odors are removed from water by an activated carbon cartridge. [. . . ] 42-34346 - Includes fittings to fit nominal 1/2" (5/8" O. D. ) or 3/4" (7/8" O. D. ) copper. 42-34347 - Includes 3/4" and 3/8" fittings, and 3/8" tubing to connect to a single faucet. 42-34348 - pri marily, for undersink installation Make a simple sketch of your proposed installation, and a list of plumbing materials you will need. Be sure you have the tools required. 4 TYPICAL INSTALLATIONS / TOOLS AND MATERIALS NEEDED FIG. 1 INSTALLATION ON COPPER PLUMBING USING COMPRESSION FITTINGS FILTERED WATER apply several wraps of Teflon tape nut brass ferrule optional shutoff valve compression adaptor INLET 3/4" NPT ­ MATERIALS AND TOOLS NEEDED ­ WATER IN Note: Be sure to allow a minimum space of 1­1/2" under the filter for removing the sump, to change the cartridge. ¤ " 2 compression adaptors, 3/4" NPT x comp. (compression end to fit existing copper pipe) Note: Sears has an installation kit available that fits 1/2" (5/8" O. D. ) and 3/4" (7/8" O. D. ) pipe sizes, Sears Item No. " Teflon tape " tubing cutter " sandpaper or emery­cloth " 2 wrenches, either open end or adjustable jaw, size to fit compression adaptors FIG. 1 NOTES) adaptor, 3/4" NPT x sweat (apply several wraps of Teflon tape to threads) FIG. 4 UNDERSINK INSTALLATION (FILTERING WATER TO 1 FAUCET) OPTIONAL mounting bracket, Sears Item No. 42­34348 WATER IN « 3/4" copper pipe, as req'd. IN OUT SINK « hot cold shutoff valve Note: To change the filter cartridge, you must turn off the water. Most sinks already have shutoff valves on the supply pipes. optional shutoff valve ­ MATERIALS AND TOOLS NEEDED ­ (see page 6) FIG. Carefully, turn the filter head INLET (if water flow is from the left) onto the sweat adaptor fitting. If water flow is from the right, turn the outlet side of the head onto the fitting. Do not cross-thread, or overtighten and crack the filter head. apply Teflon tape IN OUT 9. Remove the sweat adaptor fitting from the filter head and solder to the cut length of pipe. After it cools, apply several wraps of Teflon tape to the threads on the sweat adaptor fitting. Apply flux and place the pipe end of the soldered assembly into the straight connector. where the water filter is installed (filtering all house water, or just to 1 faucet) 2. how much sediment, taste and/or odor, or other un wanted substance, is in the water Use the following information as a guide. However, no matter which type of cartridge you are using, you will know it is time to replace it when you first no tice the return of the unwanted substance in your water. Sediment Cartridges: Cartridge life, when filtering water to 1 faucet, is about 6 months maximum. Filtering sediments, you will know it's time to replace the cartridge when water pressure drops to the single faucet, or to the entire house supply. [. . . ] Remove the wrapper from the new filter cartridge and insert the filter cartridge in the sump. Lightly lubricate the o-ring seal, in the sump, with silicone grease or Vaseline. Hold the sump up to the filter head, aligning the center hole in the cartridge with the protrusion on the bottom of the head. continued handle head OFF ON BYPASS OFF ON BYPASS o­ring seal sump cartridge TURN SUMP CLOCKWISE TO REMOVE TURN SUMP COUNTERCLOCKWISE TO TIGHTEN 9 FILTER CARTRIDGE / USEFUL LIFE / REPLACEMENT (cont. ) Note: If the sump will not tighten, up to the head, you may have the cartridge in upside down. Being careful not to cross-thread, turn the sump onto the filter head and tighten securely. [. . . ]


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