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[. . . ] ❐ This appliance is designed only for household use up to 2000m above sea level. English Important notices • Carefully read through the operating instructions for the appliance and safeguard them for future reference. € This appliance has been designed exclusively for normal household use in home environment. € This appliance must be used only for the purposes for which it was designed, i. [. . . ] Reduces the risk of shiny marks all fabrics that can be ironed The wool cycle of this iron has been approved by The Woolmark Company for the ironing of pure wool products provided that the products are ironed according to the instructions on the garment label and those issued by the manufacturer of this iron. 2x  2  Wait until the indicator lights (2, 16) remain lit permanently. I-Temp “i-Temp” programme If this program is selected, an appropriate combination of temperature and steam is set, which is suitable for all fabrics that can be ironed (symbols ). The “i-Temp” program prevents clothes from being damaged due to an unsuitable temperature being selected. The “i-Temp” program does not apply to fabrics that cannot be ). Please check the garment care label for ironed (symbol details or try ironing on a part of the cloth not visible normally. Hygiene “Hygiene” programme * Suitable for all kinds of fabrics and extremely efficient for both thick and delicate garments. Ironing programmes  1  Place the iron on the garment or fabric you want to disinfect. €2  Continuously press the steam release button (14) to release powerful shots of hygienic steam. English Note: The energy saving setting “Eco” cannot be activated while the “Hygiene” programme is selected. Ironing  1  Press the steam release button (14) for ironing with steam. Important: When placing the iron on the pad, be sure to first insert the heel in the upper side of the control panel, as shown in the figure. Tip: For better ironing results, iron the last strokes without pressing the steam release button (14) to dry the garment. 2 1 “PulseSteam” function This appliance has a special function for tackling difficult creases. Vertical steam Can be used to remove creases from hanging clothes, curtains, etc. 5”  1  Choose the “max” setting by turning the selector (1). €2  Hold the iron in an upright position 15 cm away from the garment to be steamed. €3  Press the steam release button (14) repeatedly with pauses of at least 5 seconds. : never point the steam jet at garments being worn, or at people or animals. Energy saving If the energy saving setting is selected, you can save energy and water and still achieve good results when ironing most of your garments. €2  To switch back to the normal energy setting, press the “Eco” button again. It is advisable to use the normal energy setting to get optimum results on thick and very wrinkled fabrics. [. . . ] €2  If the cloth is synthetic, it may melt due to the high temperature on the soleplate. Switch the steam off and rub off any residue immediately with a thickly folded, damp cotton cloth. €3  To keep the soleplate smooth, you should avoid contact with hard metal objects. * Model dependent BOSCH 23 English Storing the appliance a English b  1  Unplug the appliance and let it cool down. [. . . ]


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