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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] If the operating and installation instructions describe different models, any differences will be pointed out at the relevant points in the text. Read these operating and installation instructions before switching on the washing machine. Display rules m Warning!m Caution! ² This combination of symbol and signal word indicates a possibly dangerous situation. Not heeding the caution can cause property and/or environmental damage. [. . . ] The new programme starts in the same phase in which the previous programme was interrupted. The lid can be opened. Programme end The "Deckel frei" (lid released) symbol lights up or appears in the display (if present). 15 After washing 1. In particular: Ø if the washing machine is not draining or spinning correctly. Ø if the "Pumpe reinigen" (clean pump) display lights up. m Warning! Risk of scalding!Allow the water to cool down. Turn off the tap so that no more water can flow in and has to be drained via the drain pump. Make sure that the pump impeller (behind the filter in the ² housing) can move. Pour 1 litre of water into the drum to ensure that no water escapes from the filter. Re-attach drainage hose and secure connection point with hose clip. Filter in the water supply blocked Check and clean the filter regularly (at least two to three times a year). Carefully clean the filter on the end of the hose with a small brush (e. g. Supply hose – Regularly check for brittleness and cracks and replace if necessary. left) has a safety valve that protects against the uncontrolled supply of water. If you want to spin the wet laundry: Add several items of laundry of various sizes and start the "Spülen & Schleudern" (Rinse & spin) programme. Contents of display (if present) Cause/remedial action No water supply, or water supply insufficient. – Tap off/not turned on fully, – Supply hose kinked/trapped – Water pressure too low. – For models with an Aqua-Stop hose: if the colour in the inspection window of the safety valve is red, replace the hose. Once the fault has been rectified, start the Abpumpen (drain) programme or press and hold the Löschen (Clear) button for at least 3 seconds. bdd (models without display: all indicator lamps light up) The washing machine stops in the middle of a programme. The drum flap is open/not closed properly: Press and hold the Löschen (Clear) button for at least 3 seconds until "Tür offen" (Door open) lights up. Turn the programme selector to "Aus" (Off), open the lid, close the drum flap. Restart the programme. Pumpe reinigen (Clean pump) Service 22 Flashing fault display Service Contents of display (if present) From F02 to F35 F06 Cause/remedial action Fault in an electrical component. Start the "Abpumpen" (Drain) programme or press and hold the "Löschen/Abpumpen" (Clear/drain) button for at least 3 seconds. Check whether the correct programme has been selected for the type of laundry, and whether the maximum load has been observed (see programme table). Press and hold "Löschen" (Clear) for at least 3 seconds; the programme is cancelled. [. . . ] If the drain hose slips out of the plastic pipe during draining due to the high water pressure, any escaping water may cause water damage. Secure the drain hose so that it cannot slip out. Connection 32 Alignment 1. Check the alignment of the washing machine with a spirit level and adjust if necessary. Change the height by turning the appliance feet. ² All appliance feet must stand firmly on the ground. [. . . ]


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