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[. . . ] Safety recommendations Installation • Your appliance is designed for standard household use for cooking, reheating and defrosting foods and beverages. It shall be used only in covered, closed and warmed environment such as a kitchen or a room with the same specifications. € Before using this appliance, it must be placed on a flat and dry surface resistant to heating like a kitchen counter. Keep at least four inches of clear space around all sides of the oven to allow adequate air circulation. [. . . ] Tempered glass does not split but break in pieces will not have sharp edges. Improper use • The appliance is intended for domestic use only in private housing. The use of thiss appliance in common or professional’s area such as a room for a break for work, a premise in a campsite or hotel are not a proper use as defined by the manufacturer. • The manufacturer accepts no responsibility in case of improper use. € Use this appliance only for its intended uses as described in manual. € Please become familiar with these recommendations before installing and using your appliance. 19 Caution: External surfaces may become very hot during operation of the appliance. Always wear protective insulated oven gloves when touching the hot oven or hot dishes and food, or when inserting or removing racks, pans… B. technical data Model no Power supply Energy consumption Dimensions (HxLxD) Net weight FC405MB / FC405MW / FC405MS 220-240 V~50/60 Hz 2100W 373 x 578 x 435 mm 12 , 7 kg C. Protecting the environment Arrived in end of life, this product should not be thrown with household waste. It allows avoiding negative effects on the environment and health of the inappropriate elimination. By respecting this process, materials can be recycled with a view to realise significant resources and energy savings. A symbol reminds you that you must not throw your appliance with the household waste appars on the product. For further information, contact your city council or the shop where you bought the product. Installing your oven in complete safety If the oven is positioned too close to a wall, this wall can be burned or discoloured. Do not put anything between the base of the oven and the surface on which it is set. Do not put anything on the top of the oven when it is in use because the heat can deform, crack or otherwise damage the item. Do not heat food directly in the bottle or tin because the container may break and the content can burn the user. During the use, do not position the oven near a gas burner or any other heat source. Always unplug the cord after use and whenever the unit is left unattended. A malfunction while the plug is inserted into the mains could cause a fire. When cooking fat-spitting dishes such as roast chicken, it is recommended to use 2 sheets of aluminium foil in order to reduce face spitting. [. . . ] Install the rotisserie forks To operate, the rotisserie must be positioned on the correct side: with the small hook on the left side of the oven Left Right 24 2. Remove the rotisserie Rotisserie handle Fit the rotisserie forks in the rotisserie holes and then install the drip pan under the rotisserie Use the rotisserie handle to remove the rotisserie forks from the rotisserie tray and then remove it from the rotisserie hole To avoid the possibility of a burn, always use the rotisserie handle to remove the rotisserie from the oven Recommended baking time : SEQUENCE TYPE OF FOOD FISH TEMPERATURE 180°C / 200°C RACK SUPPORT 2 TIMER (min) 15-20 ROAST BEEF 230°C* 2 30 for 1000g CHICKEN 220°C Rotisserie 55 for 1500g QUICHE GRATIN DAUPHINOIS LASAGNA 200°C 2 40-45 180°/200°C 2 40-45 180°C / 200°C 2 40-45 15-20 depending on thickness 30-35 PIZZA 220°C* 2 PIES 200°C 2 TOASTED BREAD 180°C* 4 5-8 CAKE 170°C 2 45-55 25 CUPCAKE SHORTBREAD BISCUIT * preheat the oven 160°C 2 25 mn 170°C* 3 10 E. Drip pan and Wire Rack Accessories Drip pan Food (for reference only) Roast chicken wings, hamburgers, gratin, cakes and most other oven-cooked foods How to use Tray handle ?Rack support 3 2 1 There are 3 different positions for the tray which can adjust according to the dish you are cooking. [. . . ]


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