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[. . . ] Liquids and other foods should not be heated in sealed containers because they may explode. It is recommended that you avoid heating eggs in their shells and whole hard-boiled eggs in the microwave oven because they run the risk of explosion, even after cooking is complete. Heating beverages in the microwave oven can cause sudden and/or delayed splattering of boiling liquid, so precautions must be taken when handling their containers. To avoid such incidents, never use the same times recommended for cooking in a traditional oven. [. . . ] The recycling of appliances organised by your manufacturer will take place under the best conditions, in compliance with European directive 2002/96/CE concerning electrical and electronic equipment waste. Consult your city hall or your retailer to find the drop-off points for used appliances that is nearest to your home. 01 21 EN 2/INSTALLING YOUR APPLIANCE In the case of connections with an electric receptacle, it must remain accessible after installation of the appliance. The oven’s neutral conductor (blue wire) must be connected to the network’s neutral conductor. In your electrical installation, allow for a user-accessible device that must be able to separate the appliance from the main power supply and whose contact opening is at least 3 mm above all the terminals. If the power cable is damaged, it should be replaced by the manufacturer, its after-sales service department or by a qualified person to avoid danger. € BEFORE HOOK-UP Warning: Ensure that your appliance has not suffered any damage during transport (deformed seal or door, etc. If you see any kind of damage, before doing anything else, contact your retailer. In order to easily locate the reference information for your appliance, we recommend that you note these datas on the “AfterSales Service Department and Customer Relations” page. • ELECTRICAL CONNECTION Ensure that: - The electrical installation has sufficient voltage. - The diameter of the wires complies with the installation requirements. - Your electrical installation is equipped with 16-ampere thermal-sensitive protection. The electrical connections are made before the appliance is installed in its housing. During installation and maintenance operations, the appliance must be unplugged from the electrical grid; fuses must be cut off or removed. The oven must be connected with a power cable (standardized) with three 1. 5 mm2 conductors (1 ph + 1 N + ground) that must be connected to a monophase 220-240 V network via a CEI 60083 standardised receptacle (1 ph + 1 N + ground lead) or in accordance with installation rules. The safety wire (green-yellow) is connected to the appliance’s terminal and must be connected to the ground lead of the electrical set-up. 22 Warning: We cannot be held responsible for any accident resulting from an inexistent, defective or incorrect ground lead. If the oven malfunctions in any way, unplug the appliance or remove the fuse corresponding to the sector there the oven is hooked up. 2/INSTALLING YOUR APPLIANCE • UTENSILS EN See the instructions on “Materials you can use in microwave oven or to be avoided in microwave oven. € There may be certain non-metallic utensils that are not safe to use for microwaving. If in doubt, you can test the utensil in question following the procedure below. [. . . ] Warning: Be careful, this appliance is equipped with a high tension circuit. 28 6/AFTER-SALES SERVICE AND CUSTOMER RELATIONS • SERVICE CALLS Any repairs that are made to your appliance must be handled by a qualified professional authorised to work on the brand. When you call, mention your appliance’s “Service” reference, as well as its serial number “Nr”. This information appears on the manufacturer’s nameplate which can be found stuck behind the oven. [. . . ]


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