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[. . . ] Safety recommendations Before using this appliance for the first time, read the following instructions carefully and keep them for future reference. €¢ • • • Make sure that the mains voltage in your home corresponds to that indicated on the appliance. In the event of incompatibility between the mains socket and the appliance plug, replace the socket with a suitable one, using a qualified professional. The electrical safety of the appliance is only guaranteed if it is connected to an efficient earth installation, as foreseen in applicable electrical safety regulations. [. . . ] Disposing household appliances separately avoids possible negative effects on the environment and health and enables the constituent materials to be recycled which saves energy and resources. To remind you that you must dispose of this appliance correctly the symbol shown above appears on the product warning you not to dispose of it with household waste. For further information, contact your local authority or the shop where you bought the product. Description of the ice cream maker 1234567Power unit Lid Paddle Inner bowl Outer bowl Power bowl Reset bowl 15 B. Before using the ice cream maker • • Before using the appliance for the first time, clean the base, the lid, the mixing blade and the bowl in warm water and liquid soap. The liquid inside the bowl must be frozen before you can make ice cream. Put the bowl in the freezer for at least 8 hours to freeze the liquid inside the container and before assembling the ice cream maker. Warning: Once the bowl is frozen, do not touch the inside with wet or damp hands, as they may stick to the metal. Insert the power unit into the cavity in the lid, pressing firmly so that it is properly secure. Place the freeze bowl into the outer bowl Place the lid onto the bowl. It must be turned clockwise to lock into position • • • • • 3/ USING THE APPLIANCE • Insert the plug into outlet. If you want to adjust the running time press the “Reset” button. Each time the reset increased, the running time is added one minute with each beep. Press the Power button to operate the machine after the running time is set Once the bowl is frozen and the ice cream maker has been assembled, put the cold ingredients into the ingredient feed tube according to the recipe instructions. Do not fill the bowl to more than half its capacity, as the ice cream maker will not mix the ingredients properly. The machine must be switched on and running time before adding the ice cream or sorbet recipe to prevent the mixture from freezing immediately on the inside of the freeze bowl. When the remaining time counts down to the last 10 seconds, the alarm sound is heard with each second until time is up. €¢ • • • Important: Do not stop and start the machine during the freezing process, as the mixture may freeze in contact with the bowl and prevent movement of the paddle. To avoid overheating the motor, the direction of rotation will change if the mixture becomes too thick. If the direction of rotation continues to change, stop the machine as the mixture is ready. In the unlikely event of the motor overheating, a safety cut out will operate causing the motor to stop. If it happens, switch off, unplug the machine and allow the power unit to cool. [. . . ] Slowly pour the hot milk into the egg and sugar mixture whilst continuing to beat. Pour this mixture into a saucepan and heat it whilst continuing to stir vigorously until it starts to thicken. Pour in the whipping cream and the vanilla essence and leave it in the fridge until chilled. Once the ice cream has been made, add the chopped pistachios through the ingredient feed tube (3) in the lid. [. . . ]


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