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[. . . ] The appliance complies with Directives 2006/95EC (Low Voltage Directive) and 2004/108/CE (Electromagnetic Compatibility). A beep signals that a surface has been turned off, and the display changes. While “H” is visible, contact with the surface(s) in question should be avoided. Untended cooking of food on a heating surface in the presence of grease or oil may be dangerous and could start a fire. [. . . ] CONTENTS EN • Safety instructions ___________________________________________________ • Care of the environment _______________________________________________ • After-sales service __________________________________________________ • Description of your appliance __________________________________________ 1 / INSTALLING YOUR APPLIANCE 4 4 5 5 • Choice of location ____________________________________________________ • Build-in _____________________________________________________________ • Connection _________________________________________________________ 2 / USING YOUR APPLIANCE 6 6 7 • Description of the top _________________________________________________ • Cookware for vitroceramics ____________________________________________ • Switching on ________________________________________________________ 3 / MAINTAINING YOUR APPLIANCE 8 9 9 • Caring for your appliance ______________________________________________ • Maintaining your appliance ____________________________________________ 4 / SPECIAL MESSAGES, DIFFICULTIES 10 10 • When using for the first time ___________________________________________ 5 / COOKING CHART ______________________________________________________ 11 12 3 EN SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS We have designed this cooking hob for use by private individuals in their homes. These cooking hobs are intended exclusively for cooking beverages and foodstuffs and do not contain any asbestos-based materials. This appliance is not intended to be used by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental abilities, or persons lacking experience or awareness, unless using it with the help of a person reponsible for their safety, or under supervision and with prior instruction in its use. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. Electrical danger Ensure that the power cable of a connected electrical appliance near the hob is not in contact with the cooking zones. If a crack appears in the surface of the glass, disconnect your appliance immediately to prevent a risk of electric shock. € CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT While an operating cooking zone is very hot, a H lamp or “H” (depending on the models) for this zone, is lit in the indicator. When a cooking zone is in a stop position and its temperature is high this display remains lit. •Residual heat — This appliance’s packing materials are recyclable. Wait for approximately 30 seconds until this information disappears before using your hob (This display is normal and it is intended, if applicable, for your after-sales service. €Connection of 400V 2N ~ - 16A Separate the 2 phase wires (L1 and L2) before connection. Black Brown Green/ yellow Blue N Neutral L1 L2 Phase Earth Warning If the cable is damaged it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its aftersales service or a person with a similar qualification to prevent danger. For a 400 V 2N triphase connection, if your hob malfunctions, check that the neutral conductor is properly connected. €Connection of 2x230V 2L+2N Black ~ - 16A Separate the wires before connection. Brown Blue •Connection of 220-240V Black ~ Green/yellow Blue Brown Green/ yellow N1 N2 L1 L2 Neutral Phase Earth N Neutral L Phase Earth 32A •Connection of 400V 3 - 16A ~ Green/yellow Blue Brown N L Neutral 16A Phase Earth 7 EN 2 / USING YOUR APPLIANCE • DESCRIPTION OF THE TOP TV1000 00082 TV 1010 20 cm 1800 W 23 cm 2300 W 16, 5 cm 1200 W 16, 5 cm 1200 W 16, 5 cm 1200 W 20 cm 1800 W 8 2 / USING YOUR APPLIANCE EN • COOKWARE FOR VITROCERAMICS It must be designed for electric cooking. Preferably use cookware made of: - Stainless steel with a thick or “sandwich” three-metal bottom. The diameter of the bottom of the cookware must be equal to or greater than the printed zone. Do not leave cookware containing hot oil or fat unsupervised on a cooking zone. [. . . ] Objects not intended for cooking should never be placed on the hob (risk of powering on, scratches, etc. € CARING FOR YOUR APPLIANCE Avoid hard shocks from cookware: The vitroceramic glass surface is highly resistant, but not unbreakable. Avoid rubbing cookware: in the long term this might cause damage to the decoration of the vitroceramic top. Do not place cookware on your frame or trimmings (depending on model). [. . . ]


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