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[. . . ] To prevent any danger of injury as well as to prevent blockage or damage to the appliance. Description 1a High frequency massage cap 1b Skin contact cap 2 Extra wide epilation head 3 Smartlight 4 Switch with lock keys (4a) 5 Charging light 6 Release button 7 Special cord set 8 Facial cap 9 Shaver head with trimmer cap 10 Charging stand Charging • Before use, charge the appliance. For best performance, we recommend that you always use a fully charged appliance. € Using the special cord set, connect the appliance to an electrical outlet with the motor switched off. [. . . ] 4 Underarm and bikini line epilation In sensitive areas, we recommend using the skin contact cap (1b). Please be aware that especially at the beginning, these areas are particularly pain-sensitive. Therefore, we recommend that you select speed setting «I» for the first few times. Before epilating, thoroughly clean the respective area to remove residues (like deodorant). When epilating the underarm, keep your arm raised up so that the skin is stretched and guide the appliance in different directions. As skin may be more sensitive directly after epilation, avoid using irritating substances such as deodorants with alcohol. 5 Facial epilation For removing any unwanted hair from the face, use the facial cap (8) as an optional attachment to be placed on the epilation head (2). For the first few usages, we recommend that you select speed setting «I» in order to get used to the epilation sensation in those sensitive areas. Prior to epilation, we recommend cleaning the skin with alcohol to promote good hygiene. When epilating the face, stretch the skin with one hand and slowly guide the epilator with your other hand the direction of the switch. 6 Cleaning the epilation head Regular cleaning ensures better performance. Thoroughly clean the epilator head from the rear side with the brush dipped into alcohol. This cleaning method ensures best hygienic conditions for the epilation head. B Cleaning under running water: After each wet usage, clean the appliance under running water. Thoroughly shake both, the epilation head and the appliance to make sure that remaining water can drip out. General information on epilation All methods of hair removal from the root can lead to in-grown hair and irritation (e. Itching, discomfort and reddening of the skin) depending on the condition of the skin and hair. This is a normal reaction and should quickly disappear, but may be stronger when you are removing hair from the root for the first few times or if you have sensitive skin. If, after 36 hours, the skin still shows irritation, we recommend that you contact your physician. In general, the skin reaction and the sensation of pain tend to diminish considerably with the repeated use of Silk· 15 15:36 ROVED Effective Date 25Mar2015 GMT - Printed 25Nov2015 Pag In some cases, inflammation of the skin could occur when bacteria penetrate the skin (e. Thorough cleaning of the epilation head before each use will minimize the risk of infection. If you have any doubts about using this appliance, please consult your physician. [. . . ] Local Service Agents may change from time to time – in that event please contact the Consumer Service free call number below for updated local service agent details. For at undgå fare for skader på brugeren, samt at apparatet blokeres eller beskadiges. Tryk på udløserknappen (6) for at skifte epilatorhoved (2), hold på de vandrette lameller på kanten for at skifte hætte. 1 Vælg hastighed «I» for nænsom epilering, hastighed «II» for effektiv epilering. [. . . ]


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