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[. . . ] PDVBT 101 Manual GB • F • D • I • E • P • SW • PL • NL Set the parameters for displaying movie subtitles. Technical Specifications Item Tuner Sub Item Input Frequency RF Input level IF Bandwidth Modulation Video Decoder Format Output Port Audio Decoder Format Audio output Power Voltage Working Power Parameter 170~230MHz 470~860MHz -25~-80dBm (64QAM) -10~-75dBm (256QAM) Only sound, no No or incorrect connection with AV cable image on the screen Safety Precautions WARNING M c The program is a radio program Pr to 7MHz and 8MHz QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM MPEG4 AVC/H. HL Remote Control The battery is exhausted C is not is used by into Warning: when the stare directlya child, the parents must make sure Warning: Never unitrespondingthe laser beam. To let the child understand all contents in Instruction book how to use the Remote time. [. . . ] To restrictrestrict access to channels thatto enter either the default password lock the or your own password. Password ‘000000’ orchannel you will need to enter either the default Set Password password '000000' or your own password. Enter your old Set Password Set Password Password or the default password '000000'. You will then be asked Setenter your the password forfor Locked programs. To confirm re-enter your new to or change the password Locked programs. enter your your Password orOnce it is confirmed , ‘000000’. Asked Password the default password press EXIT will will be asked password. Enter your password or the default password '000000' settings. Your password or the default password ‘000000’ and and select. Software update View model, View model, hardware and software information. software update Software update Software update Software update Software update. USB USB USB Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Reasons Problem Potential No picture Problem Problem No picture No picture Screen shows No Signal Screen shows No Signal Screen shows No Signal Power isn't connected Potential Reasons The power switch Potential Reasons is not isn't Power on connected Power cable not The power connected DVB-T isn't switch is not on connected switch The power is not cable not DVB-T on Incorrect setting connected DVB-T cable not connected No or incorrect connection Incorrect setting Incorrect setting with audio cable No or incorrect connection Sound on mute No oraudio cable with incorrect connection with audio cable Sound on mute Incorrect sound track Sound on mute ENGLISH ENGLISH What to do Connect the power What to do Switch on the do What to power Connect the power Connect the power Plug in on the power Switch the DVB-T cable Switch on the power Plug in the DVB-T cable Reset setting Plug in the DVB-T cable Connect the audio cable Reset setting correctly Reset setting Connect the audio cable Turn off mute function correctly Connect the audio cable correctly Turn off mute function Try another sound track Turn off mute function Multi-Media Switch to USB mode and plug in USB to view files. Photo Configure Multi-Media Photo parameters Set the Configure for viewing photographs. Photo Configure Switch parameters Set theto USB mode for displaying movie subtitles. PVR Configure Movie Configure PVR Configure the parameters for record device. Item Sub Item Parameter Multi-Media No sound from speaker No sound from speaker No sound from speaker Technical Specifications 170~230MHz Tuner Input Frequency 470~860MHz Technical Specifications Item Sub Item Parameter Item Tuner Tuner Video Video Video Audio Audio Power Audio Power Power RF Input level Sub Item Input Frequency IF Bandwidth Input Frequency RF Input level Modulation RF Input level IF Bandwidth Decoder Format IF Bandwidth Modulation Modulation Output Port Decoder Format Decoder Format Decoder Format Output output Audio Port Decoder Format Output Port Voltage Decoder Format Audio output Working Power Audio output Voltage Voltage Power Working Working Power -10~-75dBm Parameter(256QAM) 170~230MHz 470~860MHz 7MHz and 8MHz 170~230MHz -25~-80dBm (64QAM) 470~860MHz QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM -10~-75dBm (256QAM) -25~-80dBm (64QAM) HP@L4 HEVC/H. SWE-4 Förstagångsinstallation Efter att alla anslutningar har gjorts på rätt, slå på TV:n och se till att mottagaren är ansluten till elnätet. Återställ till fabriksinställningar Återställ din enhet till fabriksinställningarna. Ansluta ljudkabeln på rätt sätt Inget ljud från högtalarna Ljud på ljudlös Stäng av mute-funktion Inkorrekt ljudspår Ingen eller felaktig anslutning med AV-kabel Försök med ett annat ljudspår Tekniska specifikationer Objekt Mottagare Punkt I undermenyn Ingångsfrekvens RF-ingångsnivå IF-Bandbredd Modulering Video Avkodarformat Utgångsport Parameter 170 - 230MHz 470 - 860MHz -25 – -80 dBm (64QAM) -10 – -75 dBm (256QAM) Endast ljud, ingen bild på skärmen Se till att kablarna har anslutits på rätt sätt Tryck på <TV/RADIO> knappen för att växla till TV-läge Programmet är ett radioprogram Batteriet är slut Byt batteri Justera positionen för fjärrkontrollen och flytta dig närmare enheten Öka signalstyrkan 7MHz und 8MHz QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM MPEG4 AVC/H. AUDIO Press SUBTITLE repeatedly during playback to viwe a different 4. MODE Each ZOOM of the ZOOM button change the TVmode menu press screen 5. NEDERLANDS NEDERLANDS EersteTime Installation First installatie Installation First Time Basic Operation Basic Operation Programma beheer instellingen selecteert the Menu, press To access the Menu, [Programma]. [. . . ] The menu To access the NEDERLANDS NEDERLANDS Om toegang te krijgen tot the OSD drukt u op Subtitle selecteert provides options to adjusthet menu, Language, SETUP enLanguage u [Optie]. If Audio Language the language is not language will Audiotaal preferredavailable, the default programTV channels. Selecteer de gewenste audiotaal voor het kijken naarlanguage will be the language is not available, the default program tv-kanalen waarvan de taal niet beschikbaar is, de standaard programmeertaal wordt dan gebruikt. Digital Audio Set the desired audio format at the HDMI slot: PCM, Raw HDIM On, Digital Audio Raw HDMI Off, Digitaal geluid Off (if available). [. . . ]


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