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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] · The electrical safety of this appliance is guaranteed only when it is correctly connected to an efficient earth installation conforming to current electrical safety legislation. Failure to earth the appliance correctly absolves the manufacturer of all liability for damage. · Do not leave the iron unsupervised when plugged into the power socket. · Never leave water in the appliance in temperatures of less than or equal to 0°C. [. . . ] · Improper, incorrect or unreasonable use and repairs carried out by unqualified personnel absolve the manufacturer of all liability for damage. · If the cap or the hydraulic and electrical safety system are damaged, have components replaced with original spare parts by qualified personnel. · For any repairs and for the replacement of the power cable, if damaged, contact your reseller or an authorised service centre, so as to ensure the effectiveness of your appliance and the validity of the guarantee. · DO NOT OPEN THE CAP WHEN USING THE APPLIANCE OR UNTIL THE APPLIANCE HAS RUN OUT OF WATER. To add water, unplug the appliance, and wait around 15 minutes to avoid rapid changes in temperature. Place a cloth on the cap and gradually unscrew it, allowing any residual steam to be released slowly. · ONLY use the iron pad supplied; in the event of damage, only use the ORIGINAL spare part. When using any electrical appliance, a number of basic rules should be observed. IN PARTICULAR: · Never touch the appliance with wet or damp hands. · Never pull the power cable or appliance with wet or damp hands. · Never allow the appliance to be used unsupervised by children or unfit persons. · Never leave the appliance unsupervised and plugged into the mains as it could become a hazard. · Before cleaning or maintenance, always unplug the appliance from the mains. NB: when using the appliance for the first time, a smell may be given off due to heating and consequent drying of the sealants used when assembling the boiler and iron. Operation Select the required temperature by rotating the thermostat knob (10) to one of the segments (figure 1 A/B) (divide garments according to the required ironing temperature, starting with those which require the coolest temperature) according to the type of fabric to be ironed (figure 2). Wait for the "steam ready" light (5) to come on and the "iron hot" light (11) to go out before you sart to iron. NB: both lights will come on and go off during ironing according to the temperature reached by the boiler and iron. You can vary the quantity of the steam by using the steam regulator knob (4). This function is obtained by pressing the "continuous steam" delivery button (9) and moving the slide backwards so as to lock the button. To interrupt steam output, simply move the slide back to the original position. The steam iron is powerful to iron vertically- clothes, curtains, overcoats, etc. IMPORTANT: When switching on the iron, keep knob in the maximum steam output position. Topping up water in the boiler When the water in the tank runs out, the "no water" indicator light (6) comes on. · Turn off the boiler using the "boiler on/off" button (2). · Discharge any residual steam by pressing the "steam output" button (8). · Turn the iron off by pressing the "iron on/off" button (3). [. . . ] During normal operation, the pointer oscillates within the blue segment, according to boiler pressure. If the pointer remains in the red segment, this indicates faulty operation of the iron. In this case, turn the appliance off and contact an authorised service centre. 10 GB 27-11-2001 8:27 Pagina 11 DRY IRONING Plug the appliance into the mains. Press the luminous "iron on/off" button (3) to power the iron. [. . . ]


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