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[. . . ] It must be kept intact and within easy reach during the entire life of the cooktop. Please carefully read this manual and all the instructions contained herein before using the appliance. Installation and all gas/electric connections must be carried out by a qualified technician in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and in full compliance with current laws and safety regulations. This appliance is intended solely for domestic use and is designed for the following functions: cooking and reheating food. [. . . ] Heat does not spread horizontally, thus at a distance of just a few centimeters from the cooking zone, the glass remains relatively cool” to the touch. This appliance is equipped with a "residual heat" indicator that lights up if the temperature of the hob is above 70° even when turned off. C, Residual heat persists for a relatively long time after the cooking zone has been switched off. Absolutely do not touch the cooking areas or leave flammable objects near it until the lamp is off. The indicator lamp turn off automatically once the temperature of the cooking zone falls below 70° C. To start the extensible zone turn the knob over position "10" until a release is felt, then turn the knob back and choose any position between 1-10 (energy regulation). 18 This special grill glass has been projected for direct cooking on it (without pots or pans). - Never use pots or pans, these could scratch the glass and damage the working; - Aluminium film or papers are not suitable for this appliance; - Do not use acid, toxic or corrosive cleaners, for safety health. 18 To turn on the element, turn the knob clockwise; this sets the relative thermostat, with settings from “1” to “10”. In any event, the electrical connection of the two appliances must be carried out separately, both for electrical safety and to facilitate removal. It is advisable to use an oven equipped with an internal forced cooling system. 7): To fix the cooktop in the housing, proceed as follows: - Position the special gasket supplied [C] along the outer perimeter of the worktop, following the diagram shown in fig. - Position the cooktop into the worktop, taking care to ensure it is placed exactly in the centre. - Fix the cooktop to the worktop using the special brackets supplied [A], as shown in fig. Correct installation of the sealing gasket ensures complete protection against infiltration of liquids. Installation area and removal of combustion fumes The appliance must be installed and operated in suitable areas, and in compliance with current laws. The installation technician must observe current laws governing ventilation and removal of combustion fumes Please remind that the air required for combustion is 2m 3/h per kW of power (gas) installed. Installation area In the room where the gas appliance is installed, there must be a sufficient natural air supply to allow the gas to burn correctly (in conformity of currents laws). The natural flow of air must take place through an opening made on an outside wall of the room and having a working section of at least 100 cm 2 (A). In the case of appliances without safety valves, this opening must have a minimum working section of 200 cm 2 (fig. This opening must be made in such a way that it cannot be obstructed from inside or outside. It should be positioned near floor level, preferably on the side opposite the fume exhaust devices. [. . . ] Electric hotplates: The electric hotplates should be cleaned when they are only slightly warm. Clean with a damp cloth, then finish off with a cloth dampened with mineral oil. In the glass-ceramic hobs never use abrasive cleaners, could damage the glass surface. Ceramic hob The electric plates must be cleaned when they are just slightly warm. [. . . ]


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