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[. . . ] Thank you for choosing a Candy appliance; quality dishwashers which guarantee high performance and reliability. candy manufacture a vast range of domestic appliances: washing machines , washer/dryers , cookers , microwave ovens , ovens and hobs , refrigerators and freezers. Ask your dealer for the catalogue with the complete range of Candy products. Please read this booklet carefully as it provides important information regarding the safe installation, use, and maintenance of the machine, together with some useful advice on how to achieve the best results from your dishwasher. [. . . ] In certain circumstances use of combined detergents can cause: ■ limescale deposits on dishes or in the dishwasher; ■ a reduction in washing and drying performance. Concentrated detergents The concentrated detergents, with reduced alkalinity and with natural enzymes, in conjunction with 50°C wash programmes, have a smaller impact on the environment and they protect the dishes and the dishwasher. The 50°C wash programmes purposely exploit the dirt-dissolving properties of the enzymes, allowing therefore, with the use of the concentrated detergents, to achieve the same results of the 65°C programmes but at a lower temperature. IMPORTANT Any problems which arise as a direct result of the use of these products are not covered by our warranty. Please note that using the "ALL in 1" combined detergents, the rinse aid and salt indicator lights (only used on selected models) are superfluous, so you must ignore the lights. If washing and/or drying problems occur, we recommend you return to use traditional separate products (salt, detergent and rinse agent). This will ensure that the water softener in the dishwasher operates correctly. In this case, we recommends that you: Combined detergents The detergents that also contain the rinse aid must be placed in the wash section of the detergent container. The rinse aid container must be empty (if it is not empty, set the rinse aid regulator to lowest position before using combined detergents). "ALL in 1" combined detergents If you are planning to use “ALL in 1” (“3 in 1 “/ “4 in 1”/ “5 in 1”, etc. Those with built in salt and/or rinse agent, we would advise the following: ■ read carefully and follow the manufacturer’s instructions given on the packaging; 41 ■ refill both the salt and rinse aid container; ■ run one normal washing cycle without a load. Please note that on return to the use of conventional salt, a number of cycles will be required before the system becomes fully efficient again. LOADING THE RINSE AID The rinse aid The rinse aid, which is automatically released during the last rinsing cycle, helps the dishes to dry quickly and prevents spots and stains forming. Filling the rinse aid container The rinse aid container can be found to the left of the detergent container (fig. To open the lid, push the reference mark and, in the same time, pull the tab of opening. It is always advisable to use rinse aid that is specifically designed for dishwasher. Check the rinse aid level through the indicator eye (C) which is located on the dispenser. C FULL EMPTY dark light Regulating the rinse aid from 1 to 6 The regulator (D) is placed under the lid and can be turned using a coin. The limestone content of the water considerably affects the formation of limescale and the drying performance. It is therefore important to regulate the quantity of rinse aid to achieve good washing results. If, after the wash, streaks occur on the dishes, decrease the amount by one position. A “4”) consists of: a central container that traps the larger particles; a flat gauze that continuously filters the wash water; a micro filter, located beneath the gauze, that traps the tiniest particles ensuring a perfect rinse. [. . . ] RAPID 32’ Quick wash for dishes which are to be washed immediately after the meal. COLD RINSE + Short cold pre-wash for items that are stored in the dishwasher until you are ready to wash a full load. Wash with prewash If setting the HYGIENIC wash programme, a second dose of about 20 g of detergent (1 table-spoon) must be added directly in the machine. 50 Detergent for soaking (Prewash) Detergent for washing Check list ••••• Clean filter Check rinse aid dispenser Check salt container •••• •••• •••• Hot pre-wash • • • • Cold pre-wash Main wash N/A = OPTION NOT AVAILABLE ••••• • • 45°C 75°C 55°C 50°C 60°C Programme contents 51 • • • • 170 YES 240 YES YES 32 130 YES YES YES N/A First cold rinse Second cold rinse • • • • • Hot rinse with rinse aid Avarage duration in minutes 120 YES YES 5 With cold water (15°C) -Tolerance ± 10%- "START DELAY" button Special function buttons available YES N/A "HPS" button IDENTIFYING MINOR FAULTS Should the dishwasher fail to operate, before contacting the Service Centre, make the following checks: FAULT CAUSE Plug is not connected to wall socket REMEDY Connect electric plug Press button Close door Check the fuse in the plug and the electricity supply Check Turn water tap on Turn programme selector to correct position Eliminate the bends in the hose Clean the filter at the end of the hose Clean filter Straighten outlet hose Follow the instructions for connecting the outlet hose carefully Call a qualified technician 1 - Machine completely dead O/I button has not been pressed Door is open No electricity See causes for no. [. . . ]


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