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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] For future reference please keep this instruction booklet in a safe place. CUSTOMER SERVICE AND GUARANTEE Your new appliance is fully guaranteed by the manufacturer for 12 months against electrical/mechanical breakdown excluding: A. Any faults which occur due to bad installation or misuse of the machine. Any faults which occur due to repair of, or interference with, the machine by any person not authorised by the manufacturer to carry out service. [. . . ] B After pouring the detergent into the container, close the lid, firstly pushing (1) and then pressing on it (2) until you hear the click. Filling the detergent container The detergent container is inside the door (fig. At the end of every wash cycle the lid is always open and ready for the next time the dishwasher is used. When loading the lower basket, please ensure that the plates or others do not obstruct the detergent dispenser. Since not all detergents are the same the instructions on the boxes of detergent can vary. We should just like to remind users that too little detergent does not clean the dishes properly whilst too much detergent will not produce better results and is also a waste. The amount of detergent to be used varies according to how dirty the dishes are and on the type of dishes to be washed. IMPORTANT Do not use an excessive amount of detergent and help limit damage to the environment at the same time. A 40 TYPES OF DETERGENT Detergent tablets Detergent tablets of different manufacturers dissolve at different speeds, for this reason, during short programmes, some detergent tablets may be not fully effective, because they are not completely dissolved. If these products are used, is recommended to choose longer programmes to guarantee the complete use of the detergent. IMPORTANT To get satisfactory washing results, the tablets MUST be placed in the wash section of the detergent container and NOT directly in the tub. It is therefore important to regulate the quantity of rinse aid to achieve good washing results. If, after the wash, streaks occur on the dishes, decrease the amount by one position. A “4”) consists of: a central container that traps the larger particles; a flat gauze that continuously filters the wash water; a micro filter, located beneath the gauze, that traps the tiniest particles ensuring a perfect rinse. – To achieve excellent results every time, the filters should be checked and cleaned after each wash. – To remove the filter unit, simply turn the handle anticlockwise (fig. – With the Self-cleaning Micro filter, maintenance is reduced and the filter unit need only be checked every two weeks. Nevertheless, after each wash it is advisable to check that the central container and the gauze filter are not clogged. After cleaning the filters, make sure that they are correctly reassembled and that the gauze filter is properly positioned at the bottom of the dishwasher. Make sure that the filter is screwed back, clockwise, into the gauze, as poor seating of the filter unit could have an adverse effect on the efficiency of the appliance. 43 3 PRATICAL HINTS How to get really good wash results ■ Before placing the dishes in the dishwasher, remove any remaining food (bones, shells, pieces of meat or vegetables, coffee grounds, skin of fruit, cigarette ash, tooth picks etc. to avoid blocking the filters , water outlet and washing arm nozzles. [. . . ] IMPORTANT This dishwasher is equipped with an anti-overflow safety device which will automatically discharge any excess water should a problem occur. To ensure the correct operation of the anti-overflow safety device, we recommend that the dishwasher is not moved or tilted during operation. If however it is necessary to tilt or move the dishwasher, please ensure that the washing cycle is complete and that there is no remaining water inside the dishwasher. 49 PROGRAMME GUIDE “IMPULSE” programmes Programme Description COLD RINSE Short cold pre-wash for items that are stored in the dishwasher until you are ready to wash a full load. [. . . ]


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