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[. . . ] The guarantee applies to Gt Britain and Northern Ireland only, and is an addition to your statutory rights. AFTER SALES SERVICE For service and repairs call your local engineer on our national telephone number: GIAS Service Support Service Tel: 08444 995599 (Eire 0818 200021) 12 DESCRIPTION OF THE CONTROL PANEL A B C D E "ON/OFF" button "PROGRAMME SELECTION" button "DELAY START" button "EXPRESS" option button "ALL IN 1" option button F G H I DIMENSIONS "START"/"RESET" button (start/cancelling programme) "OPTION SELECTION" lights DIGITAL DISPLAY Programme guide Width x Height x Depth (cm) Depth with door open (cm) 59, 8 x 81, 8 ÷ 89, 8 x 57 117 TECHNICAL DATA EN 50242 place load Capacity with pans and dishes Water supply pressure (MPa) Fuse / Power input / Supply voltage 13 8 persons Min. 0, 8 See rating plate CONSUMPTION (main programmes)* Energy (kWh) Water (L) 2, 00 HYGIENIC 19, 5 1, 38 UNIVERSAL 13, 5 0, 92 ECO 10 0, 59 RAPID 24' 9 Power consumption of the off-mode and of the left-on mode: 0, 45 W / 0, 45 W *Values are measured in a laboratory according to European Standard EN 50242 (consumption may vary according to conditions of usage). Programme 13 PROGRAMME SELECTION AND SPECIAL FUNCTIONS (Use in conjunction with programme guide) Programme interruption Opening the door when a programme is running is not recommended especially during the main wash and final hot rinse phases. [. . . ] IMPORTANT This option is recommended when using the RAPID 24' program, the duration of which will be extended for about 15 minutes, allowing the detergent tablets to achieve a better performance. Programme end A 5 second alarm will sound (if not muted) 3 times at 30 second intervals to signal that the programme has ended. Salt empty alert If your dishwasher requires filling with salt, the display will show and flash "SL" when the dishwasher is switched on. The appearance of white stains on dishes is generally a warning sign that the salt container needs filling. Option buttons "EXPRESS" button This button provides an energy and time saving of 25% on average (according to the select cycle) reducing the wash water temperature and the drying time during the final rinse. This programme is recommended for light soil washes, and for slightly wet dishes that are not fully dry, & improved drying results. We advise you to leave the door of the Dishwasher half-open at the end of the cycle, to allow for a natural circulation of air inside the dishwasher. "DELAY START" button Dishwasher start time can be set with this button, delaying start from 1 to 23 hours. Proceed as follows to set a delayed start: ■ Press the "DELAY START" button ("00" will appear on the display). – Press the button again to increase the delay in hours (each time the button is pressed the delay is increased by 1 hour to a maximum of 23). The display will show the time remaining to the begin of the programme. At the end of the countdown, the programme will automatically start and the length of the selected cycle will be shown in the display. By pressing this button, the selected washing programme is modified to get best performance from combined detergents (furthermore, the salt empty alert will be de-activated). Proceed as follows to cancel a delayed start: ■ Hold the "RESET" button down for at least 3 seconds. "00" will appear on the display and some audible signals will sound. – At this point, a new programme and option buttons must be set to start a new programme as indicated in the "PROGRAMME SETTINGS" section. Memorization of the last programme used The last programme used can memorized by following the below: be IMPORTANT The dishwasher must ALWAYS be off before start of this procedure. Hold down the "PROGRAMME SELECTION" button and at the same time switch on the dishwasher by pressing the "ON/OFF" button (a brief audible signal will sound). Keep the "PROGRAMME SELECTION" button pressed for at least 30 seconds (during this time, 3 audible signals will sound). Release the button when the THIRD audible signal sounds ("A0 " will appear on the display to indicate that the memorization is off). Press the same button again ("A1" will appear on the display to indicate that the memorization is on). Turn off the dishwasher by pressing the "ON/OFF" button to confirm the new setting. [. . . ] Quick wash for dishes which are to be washed immediately after the meal. Ideal for functioning by night and for taking advantage of reduced energy fares. Short cold pre-wash for items that are stored in the dishwasher until you are ready to wash a full load. N/A = OPTION NOT AVAILABLE Dishwasher Cleaner This programme should be used periodically with = "IMPULSE" programmes 18 Check list Detergent for washing Detergent for soaking (Prewash) Check salt container Programme contents Hot rinse with rinse aid Avarage duration in minutes Special function buttons available * "DELAY START" button With cold water (15°C) -Tolerance ± 10%- “EXPRESS” button Second cold rinse ••••• •••• •••• ••••• •••• ••••• •••• •••• • * 75°C 60°C 55°C 45°C 45°C 65°C 50°C 55°C 130 120 80 190 85 59 24 240 5 YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES N/A YES N/A YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES 70°C 45 WITH HOT WATER THE TIME REMAINING UNTIL THE END OF THE PROGRAMME IS AUTOMATICALLY DISPLAYED WHILE THE PROGRAMME IS RUNNING. [. . . ]


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