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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] ES PT NL IT DE FR EN Please read and follow these instructions carefully and operate the machine accordingly. This booklet provides important guidelines for safe use, installation, maintenance and some useful advice for best results when using your machine. Keep all documentation in a safe place for future reference or for any future owners. Please check that the following items are delivered with the appliance: ● Instruction manual ● Guarantee card ● Energy label Index 1. [. . . ] 8 Do Not Tumble Dry: Silk, nylon stockings, delicate embroidery, fabrics with metallic decorations, garments with PVC or leather trimmings. IMPORTANT: Do not dry articles which have been treated with a dry cleaning fluid or rubber clothes (danger of fire or explosion). Do not overload the drum, large items when wet exceed the maximum admissible clothes load (for example: sleeping bags, duvets). CLEANING AND ROUTINE MAINTENANCE Cleaning the Dryer ● Clean the filter and empty the water container after every drying cycle. — After each period of use, wipe the inside of the drum and leave the door open for a while to allow circulation of air to dry it. — Wipe the outside of the machine and the door with a soft cloth. — To prevent the door sticking or the build up of fluff clean the inner door and gasket with a damp cloth after every drying cycle. Energy Saving Only put into the tumble dryer laundry which has been thoroughly wrung or spin-dried. The drier the laundry the shorter the drying time thus saving electricity. ALWAYS ● Check that the filter is clean before every drying cycle. NEVER ● Put dripping wet items into the tumble dryer, this may damage the appliance. IMPORTANT Always switch off and remove the plug from the electricity supply before cleaning this appliance. For electrical data refer to the rating label on the front of the dryer cabinet (with the door open). Sort the Load as Follows ● By care symbols These can be found on the collar or inside seam: Suitable for tumble drying. If the item does not have a care label it must be assumed that it is not suitable for tumble drying. — By amount and thickness Whenever the load is bigger than the dryer capacity, separate clothes according to thickness (e. A E B D C 2 3 4 7 5 6 8 1 A-Programme Selector - Rotating the knob in both directions it's possible to select the desired drying program. To cancel the selections or switch off the dryer rotate the knob on OFF. B- Display Digit - The display shows the remaining time for drying, the postponed time in case of delayed start selection and other notifications setting. Time cycle selection It's possible transform a cycle from automatic to programmed, up to 3 minutes after the start of the cycle. After this selection to reset the automatic dying functioning is necessary to switch off the dryer In case of incompatibility, all LEDs flash quickly for 3 times. Delay Start Button It allows to delay the start of the program from 1 to 24 hours in 1-hour intervals. [. . . ] TROUBLESHOOTING FOR SMART TOUCH MODELS The Candy simply-Fi app has a Smart Check-up function that allows you to confirm the functionality and status of the product at any time. To use the Candy simply-Fi APP you will need an Android smartphone with NFC technology. If the display of the machine is showing an error (by a code or blinking LEDs), you should turn on the App on your Android smartphone, with NFC on, selecting "Read the error" on the "Help on line" menu place your smart phone against the Smart Touch logo on the control panel. You should now be able to read the fault directory to solve the issue. [. . . ]


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