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[. . . ] € Via Comolli 16 • 20861 Brugherio (MB) - Italy Safety Indications • During cooking, moisture may condense inside the oven cavity or on the glass of the door. To reduce this effect, wait 10-15 minutes after turning on the power before putting food inside the oven. In any case, the condensation disappears when the oven reaches the cooking temperature. € Cook the vegetables in a container with a lid instead of an open tray. [. . . ] In addition to the accessories supplied with the oven, we advise you only use dishes and baking moulds resistant to very high temperatures. 6 Declaration of compliance Asapplicable, the parts of this appliance are compliant to: REGULATION (EC) No 1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food; COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 2023/2006 on good manufacturing pratice for materials and articles intended come into contact with food. By placing the mark on this product, we are confirming compliance to all relevant European safety, health and environmental requirements which are applicable in legislation for this product. 2 Accessories 1 Drip pan 3 Lateral wire grids Collects the residues that drip during the cooking of foods on the grills. 3 First Use PRELIMINARY CLEANING Clean the oven before using for the first time. Wash all accessories and wipe inside the oven with a solution of hot water and washing up liquid. Set the empty oven to the maximum temperature and leave on for about 1 hour, this will remove any lingering smells of newness. Function selector knob WARNING : the first operation to carry out after the oven has been installed or following the interruption of power supply (this is recognizable the display pulsating and showing 12:00 ) is setting the correct time. 30; in this case: at the end of the set time, the oven automatically switches off and an alarm sounds. Cooking will automatically begin at 11:45 (12:30 minus 45 minutes), at the end of the set cooking time, the oven will automatically switch off. WARNING: by setting only the end of cooking time, and not the cooking duration, the oven will immediately switch on and switch off at the end of the set cooking time. MINUTE MINDER • Turn the left function selector to the position Minute Minder. € Set the time of cooking by using buttons “+”and “-” • Turn the left function selector to the position Child lock. € Press the button " + " during 5 seconds • Child lock is available when " STOP " appears on display • Set the time on 00. 00 by turning the left function selector to the position Minute Minder, and using the button " - “ • Turn back the left function selector to Child lock and press button " + " during 5 seconds. € Allow to use the oven as alarm even if the oven is switch off CHILD SAFETY LOCK • This function is useful when there are children in the house. 2 Cooking Modes Function Dial T °C default T °C range Function (Depends on the oven model) LAMP: Turns on the oven light. The fan circulates air at room temperature around the frozen food so that it defrosts in a few minutes without the protein content of the food being changed or altered. KEEP WARM: This is recommended to reheat precooked foodstuff, positioning the shelf on the second level from top, or to defrost bread pizza or pastry by positioning the shelf on the lower level. 280 CONVENTIONAL COOKING: Both top and bottom heating elements are used. For seizing red meats, roast beef, leg of lamb, game, bread, foil wrapped food (papillotes), flaky pastry. 180 50 ÷ 240 MULTI-LEVEL: We recommend you use this method for poultry, pastries, fish and vegetables. [. . . ] Do not use steel wool, acids or abrasive materials as they can damage the oven surface. CLEANING THE CAVITY BOTTOM Follow these steps to clean the limestone residue from the cavity bottom. It is recommended to clean the cavity bottom after 5-10 steam cooking cycles. 3 Aquactiva Function The Aquactiva procedure uses steam to help remove remaining fat and food particles from the oven. [. . . ]


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