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[. . . ] INSTRUCTION BOOK Condenser Tumble Dryer GCC 590NB English Italiano Español Français 2 15 28 41 INDEX Introduction Delivery Information Safety Reminders Use Installation The Laundry Ventilation Environmental Issues Gias Service Electrical Requirements Adjusting the Feet Preparing the Load Clothes Preparation Do Not Tumble Dry Energy Saving Sorting the Load Drying Guide Controls and Indicators Selecting the Programme Door and Filter Opening the Door Filter Filter Care Indicator Water Container To Remove the Container Condenser To Remove the Condenser Operation Delay Start Function Cancelling and Resetting the Programme Cleaning and Routine Maintenance Cleaning the Dryer Technical Specifications Troubleshooting Customer Service Spares Gias Service 3 3 3 4 5 5 6 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 8 8 9 10 11 11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 13 13 13 13 13 14 14 14 14 EN 2 INTRODUCTION Please read and follow these instructions carefully and operate the machine accordingly. This booklet provides important guidelines for safe use, installation, maintenance and some useful advice for best results when using your machine. Keep all documentation in a safe place for future reference or for any future owners. Delivery Information Please check that the following items are delivered with the appliance: ● Instruction manual ● Guarantee card ● Energy label Check that no damage has occurred to the machine during transit. [. . . ] During the last 15 minutes (roughly) the load is always tumbled in cool air Do not overload the drum, large items when wet can exceed the maximum admissible clothes load (for example: sleeping bags, duvets). Energy Saving Only put into the tumble dryer laundry which has been thoroughly wrung or spin-dried. The drier the laundry the shorter the drying time thus saving electricity. ALWAYS ● Try to dry the maximum weight of laundry, this will save time and electricity. NEVER ● Exceed the maximum weight, this will waste time and electricity. At this stage of the drying cycle the machine enters the Cool Down phase. The length of the Cool Down phase varies between 10 and 15 minutes depending on the programme. The Sensor Dry machine gives many options for drying the laundry to suit all circumstances. The table on the next page lists the programmes and the function of each programme. For small loads and separate items or pre-dried fabrics with low moisture content, use the timed programmes. Set the programme between 30 and 75 minutes depending on the load size and dryness required, and select high or low heat depending upon the fabric type. If the sensor does not detect the item the dryer will only operate for 10 minutes before going into cooldown. If the load is too large or too wet to tumble dry the dryer will automatically go into cooldown after approximately 3 hours. EN 9 SELECTING THE PROGRAMME PROGRAMME Perfect Home Extra Dry Cupboard Dry Iron Dry Wool Finish A gentle programme specially created to get woollens softer after air-drying. This delicate warm air cycle, lasting 12 minutes, can also be used to get woollens 'refreshed' after being stored in the wardrobe. This ranges from for bath towels and bathrobes, through for items that will be put away without ironing, to the programme that leaves the laundry suitable for ironing. dESCRIPTION No Crease The Relax programme provides a conditioning and anticrease function. The dryer will heat the load for 9 minutes followed by a 3 minute cool down period and is especially good for garments which may have been left for some time prior to ironing, in a linen basket for example. Garments may also become stiffened when dried outside on a washing line or inside on radiators. This programme relaxes the creases in the fabric making ironing quicker and easier. 40' Rapid The 40’ Rapid programme allows a drying cycle to be completed quickly. This is an ideal programme for having dry, refreshed and ready-to-wear clothes in less than 40'. [. . . ] They may be able to assist you over the telephone or arrange for a suitable appointment for an engineer to call under the terms of your guarantee. However, a charge may be made if any of the following applies to your machine: ● Is found to be in working order. — Has not been installed in accordance with the installation instructions. gIAS Service For service and repairs call your local GIAS Service engineer. [. . . ]


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