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[. . . ] ικα Dutch 156 170 184 Safety Reminders Drain Hose Kit: Fitting Instructions Preparing the Load Controls and Indicators Selecting the Programme Door and Filter Water Container Operation Cleaning and Routine Maintenance Troubleshooting Customer Service 3 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 14 15 15 Please read and follow these instructions carefully and operate the machine accordingly. This booklet provides important guidelines for safe use, installation, maintenance and some useful advice for best results when using your machine. Keep all documentation in a safe place for future reference or for any future owners. Please check that the following items are delivered with the appliance: ● Instruction manual ● Guarantee card ● Energy label Check that no damage has occurred to the machine during transit. [. . . ] For small loads and separate items or pre-dried fabrics with low moisture content, use the timed programmes. If the sensor does not detect the item the dryer will only operate for 10 minutes before going into cooldown. If the load is too large or too wet to tumble dry the dryer will automatically go into cooldown after approximately 3 hours. In these cases we advise to use a time cycles between 30 and 75minutes depending on the load size and dryness required, and select high or low heat depending upon the fabric type. 10 EN SELECTING THE PROGRAMME PROGRAMME Perfect Home IDEAL FOR Clothes you want completely dryed, e. Hang Dry Clothes you don’t need to iron, but just hang after the drying cycle. Good for items of clothing which have been left prior to ironing or if they have been dried outside or on radiators. This programme has a specific Anti-Crease function that relaxes fibres and makes easier ironing. Iron Dry No Crease Wool To soften your woollen clothes or to simply refresh them after a long time in the wardrobe. Mix & Dry To dry mixed cotton and synthetic clothes: save time and no need to separate the washing and dry them in different cycles. Time: 1h for 2kg of synthetic shirts (around 10 shirts); 1h and 20 min for 3 kg of cotton shirts (around 10 shirts). Sensor system keeps under control the temperature to have always the best result. By selecting “20 min” you choose a “cool programme”, ideal to refresh clothes and to remove eventual smells. rapid 40’ Time Jeans To dry up to 4 kg of Jeans (around 5 pairs). The programme works for around 2h, but timing can change according to the load and washing spin speed. Jeans programme can only be used for 100% cotton items, please do not mix colours nor dry jeans with embroideries or accessories. Never stop a tumble dryer before the end of the drying cycle unless all items are quickly removed and spread out so that the heat is dissipated. Turn the two locking levers anti-clockwise and pull out the front cover. Gently remove the filter frame and clean any dust or fluff with a cloth from the filter. Remove the sponge gently from its place and then wash the sponge by holding it under a running tap turning it so to remove any dust or fluff. Refit the front cover ensuring it is in the correct way (as indicated by the arrow) and pushed firmly into place. Filter IMPORTANT: To maintain the efficiency of the dryer check that the fluff filter is clean before each drying cycle. [. . . ] 107 DA KNAPPER OG INDIKATORER Programvælger Tøm vand indikator Filterplejeindikator Displayet Start/Pauseknap Tidsindstillings knap Forsinket start-knap Knap for akryl/syntetisk Antikrølknap Kontrolpanel Og Indikatorlys Drejeknap: Du kan dreje knappen i begge retninger for at vælge det ønskede program. Cool down : Denne indikator tændes i den sidste del af tørreprogrammet, når cool down påbegyndes. I tilfælde af små mængder og for-tørret tøj, vælg venligst et Timerprogram og vælg programmet for "Sarte tekstiler", for at sænke temperaturen i tromlen. hvis sensoren ikke opfanger tekstiler i maskinen , vil denne tørretumbler være i funktion i 10 minutter , hvorefter den vil påbegynde cool down-fasen. [. . . ]


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