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[. . . ] We are confident it will loyally assist you in safely washing your clothes, even delicates, day after day. Com to gain faster access to supplementary services solely reserved to our most loyal customers. Carefully read this manual for correct and safe appliance use and for helpful tips on efficient maintenance. Environmental conditions This appliance is marked according to the European directive 2012/19/EU on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). [. . . ] L It advises to also use this function for the children items and in case of washings of very dirty items, for which it is due to use a lot of detergent, or in the washing of toweling items whose fibres mostly have the tendency to hold the detergent. DRYING SELECTION button l Ensure that the programme selector is not in the OFF position then press the button to select the required drying programme: an indicator will light to display the drying result selected each time you press the button. OPTIONS button You can choose between three different options: - PREWASHING l This option allows you to make a prewash and it is particularly useful for heavily soiled loads (can be used only on some programmes as shown in the table of programmes). L To cancel the selection before the start of a drying programme, press the button repeatedly until the indicators go out or return the programme selector to the OFF position. L To cancel the cycle during the drying phase, hold the button down for about 3 seconds until the cooling indicator lights up. L We recommend you use only 20% of the recommended quantities shown on the detergent pack. - HYGIENE l With this option it is possible to hygienize the clothes, the washing programme reach a temperature of 60°C. L Given the high temperature inside the drum, we recommend that you allow the dryer to complete the cool down period before returning the programme selector to the OFF position and removing the laundry. 40 Digital Display The display’s indicator system allows you to be constantly informed about the status of the machine. The wash cycle has finished and the DOOR LOCKED light has gone out before opening the door. 2) SPIN SPEED 2 3 4 5 6 7 11 1 This show the spin speed of the selected programme that can be changed or omitted by the relevant button. 3) WASH TEMPERATURE 8 9 10 3 1) DOOR LOCKED INDICATOR LIGHT This show the washing temperature of the selected programme that can be changed (where allowed) by the relevant button. 4) CYCLE DURATION 1 l The indicator light is illuminated when the door is fully closed. 4 l When a programme is selected the display automatically shows the cycle duration, which can vary, depending on the options selected. L When START/PAUSE is pressed on the machine with the door closed, the indicator will flash momentarily and then illuminate. L Once the programme has started you will be kept informed constantly of the time remaining to the end of the wash. If the door is not properly closed, the light will continue to flash for about 7 seconds, after which the start command will be automatically delete. In this case, close the door in the proper way and press the START/PAUSE button. L The appliance calculates the time to the end of the selected programme based upon a standard loading, during the cycle, the appliance corrects the time to that applicable to the size and composition of the load. L A special safety device prevents the door from being opened immediately after the end of the cycle. Wait for 2 minutes after l If automatic washing/drying is selected, at the end of the wash phase, the drying time remaining to the end will be shown on the display. 41 EN 2 5) STAIN LEVEL 9) DELAY START 5 { 9 This flashes when delay start has been set. [. . . ] Make sure the fuse has not blown and that the wall socket is working, testing it with another appliance such as a lamp. This may be due to a leak in the gasket between the faucet and supply tube; in this case, replace it and tighten the tube and faucet. This could be due to the fact that water has not been completely drained: wait a few minutes. Some models include a "no centrifuge" function: make sure it is not on. [. . . ]


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