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[. . . ] OVENS USER INSTRUCTIONS GB CANDY ELETTRODOMESTICI - Via Privata Eden Fumagalli - 20047 Brugherio Milano Italy GENERAL WARNINGS Thank you for choosing one of our products. To get the most out of your oven we recommend that you: • Read the notes in this manual carefully: they contain important instructions on how to install, use and service this oven safely. When the oven is first switched on it may give out acrid smelling fumes. This is because the bonding agent for insulating panels around the oven has been heated up for the first time. [. . . ] Almost all food can be cooked under the grill except for very lean game and meat rolls. Meat and fish that are going to be grilled should first be lightly doused with oil. COOKING TIME For recommended cooking times and temperatures the first time you use the oven, refer to the tables on pages 6, 7. You may then wish to vary these times and settings in the light of your own experience. SERVICE CENTRE Before calling the Service Centre If the oven is not working, we recommend that: you check that the oven is properly plugged into the power supply. If the cause of the fault cannot be detected: disconnect the oven from the mains, do not touch the oven and call the after sales service. Before calling the Service Centre remember to make a note of the serial number on the serial number specifications plate (see fig. The oven is supplied with a guarantee certificate that ensures that it will be repaired free of charge by the Service Centre. CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Clean the stainless steel and enamelled surfaces with warm, soapy water or with suitable brand products. On no account use abrasive powders that may damage surfaces and ruin the oven’s appearance. The next time the oven is used this fat could cause unpleasant odours and might even jeopardise the success of the cooking. To make this chore unnecessary all models can be lined with catalytic self-cleaning panels: these are supplied as an optional extra (see the section SELF-CLEANING OVEN WITH CATALYTIC LINING). Use detergents and abrasive metal pads like «brillo pads» for the stainless steel grills. The glass surfaces as the top, oven door and warming compartment door must be cleaned when they are cold. Damage that occurs to them because this rule was not adhered to are not covered by the guarantee. To replace the interior light: switch off the mains power supply and unscrew bulb. Replace with an identical bulb that can withstand very high temperatures. SELF-CLEANING OVEN WITH CATALYTIC Special self-cleaning panels covered in a micro-porous coating are available as optional extras for all models. The fat that is splattered onto the sides of the oven during roasting is eliminated by the microporous coating which breaks the fat down by catalysis and transforms it into gas. Excessive splattering may nevertheless block the pores and therefore hinder self-cleaning. The self-cleaning capacity may be restored by switching on the empty oven to maximum for about 10-20 minutes. Do not use abrasive products, metal cleaning wads, sharp objects, rough cloths, or chemical products and detergents that may permanently damage the catalytic lining. [. . . ] ** Tested in accordance with the CENELEC EN 50304 used for definition of energy class. All models Only on some models 5 GB TABLES OF COOKING TIMES The overall suggested cooking times set out below are intended as a rough guide only. They may in fact vary according to the quality, the freshness, the size and the thickness of the food cooked and of course cooking time is also partly a matter of taste. Let the food stand for a few minutes before serving because the ingredients continue cooking after they have been removed from the oven. [. . . ]


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