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[. . . ] Over time, this complicated and expensive method became the defacto standard, and nearly all inkjet printer manufacturers using fixed dot technology have since adopted six-color printing. While the six color printing technique has become accepted with manufacturers, printers and their clients, a new technology has emerged that renders six-color printing obsolete. Océ VariaDot imaging technology is the next evolution of piezoelectric inkjet technology that enables a printhead to produce dots of variable size versus printheads using fixed-droplet technology. Océ VariaDot technology creates these variable dots by delivering ink droplets that vary in size from six to 42 picoliters. [. . . ] When in the closed position, they protect the operator and the printheads from excessive UV exposure. This design also eliminates the by-product of static discharge caused by brush-style shields used in competitive products resulting in less static build up on the media and fewer resulting printing artifacts. The open carriage design of Océ Arizona Series printers enables users to see the print as it develops. Surrounding the carriage is a sensored, aluminum carriage guard designed to protect the printer from media collisions by immediately stopping motion if disrupted. This also protects the user from injury should he or she inadvertently do the same. Bulk Ink System designed for productivity The UV curable ink is packaged in bulk ink bags, minimizing change-out. A quick-change ink system reduces waste, mess, and operator intervention. Intelligent ink bag sensing alerts the operator to an ink change requirement before running out of ink and ensures the correct ink color is installed. The temperature-regulated ink system maintains consistent ink temperature and results in predictable, consistent viscosity for optimal printing, and making ambient temperature control less critical and much less expensive. CMYK inks are available in two-liter packages for Océ Arizona 550 and Océ Arizona 360 models, and 800 ml packages for the Océ Arizona 318 GL model. White ink for use in models equipped with the White Ink Option is available in a one-liter package. No special electrical or compressed air requirements Océ Arizona printers use single-phase power for lower facility costs and ease in placement and installation. Even the most power-hungry Océ Arizona model requires only 3300 Watts of power at 220/240 VAC, 50 Hz, putting them amongst the most efficient UV printers on the market. The efficient footprint of Océ Arizona printers takes less room than competitive rigid-capable, roll-based units that require space on each side of the printer for media handling. 5 Roll Media Option The Roll Media Option expands the functionality of any Océ Arizona Series printer and increases opportunities for users by enabling roll-based printing of flexible media to create banners, point-of-sale displays, backlit graphics, paper-based posters and fabric panels. The ability to exactly match print quality across a wide range of media gives users an edge in the competitive pay-for-print market when bidding on complex print campaigns. The Roll Media Option can be shipped with new orders or it can be added in the field – all existing Océ Arizona Series units can be upgraded without hardware modification. There are two models, one for use on Océ Arizona 300 Series printers and the other for use on Océ Arizona 550 Series printers. “No compromise” roll printing Unlike most systems, the rigid and the roll printing areas do not interfere with each other. Once a rigid print is finished, the printhead assembly is positioned over the Roll Media Option and begins printing on flexible media. Meanwhile, the rigid material is swapped out and a new board is placed on the vacuum table and prepared for printing. Once the flexible media printing is completed, the printhead assembly moves back to the table to resume printing on the rigid media. [. . . ] Ideal for print-and-cut applications Because of the stationary vacuum table and generous media thickness allowance of all Océ Arizona Series printers, print-and-cut jobs have become key applications for our customers. Paired with an Océ ProCutTM digital cutting system, the two can be used to produce point-of-sale structural displays, exhibit furniture, packaging prototypes and more. Applications expertise included With every Océ Arizona printer comes a worldwide knowledge base of printing applications: flatbed, roll-based, white ink, banners, backlits, etc. Océ’s team of Applications Specialists are printing experts with intensive training and years of real-world experience to assist our customers before and after the equipment is installed. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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