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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] It is an open system in which business proprietors can participate voluntarily. The targeted products are office equipment such as computers, displays, printers, facsimiles, copiers, scanners and multifunction systems. Their standards and logos are uniform among participating nations. Use of a shielded cable with the ferrite core provided with the scanner is necessary to comply with the technical requirements of the EMC Directive. Warning When you use this product, you should pay attention to the following legal issues: · Scanning of certain documents, such as bank notes (bank bills), government bonds and public certificates, may be prohibited by law and may result in criminal and/or civil liability. · You may be required under law to obtain authorization from a person possessing copyrights or other legal rights to the item being scanned. [. . . ] · Do not set up in areas where there is an excessive fluctuation in temperature. Also do not move the equipment from low temperature areas to hight temperature areas. Leave the scanner enough time to gradually adapt to the new conditions before use. The humidity may rise inside the equipment and cause damage or decrease image quality. If you have to use the scanner in direct sunlight, make sure to use a thick curtain to block the light. 7 Before Transporting the Scanner Always lock the scanning unit by pushing the lock switch toward the lock mark before moving or transporting the scanner. 1. Unplug the AC adapter from the electrical outlet and detach the USB cable from the computer. Confirm the position of the scanning unit. Open the document cover, and confirm that the scanning unit is at the back of the scanner. If it has not returned, follow the procedures below to return the scanning unit to the home position. 3 Close the document cover, connect the AC adapter to the electrical outlet, and connect the USB cable to the computer. 4 Start ScanGear CS-U (Windows)/Canon Plug-in Module CS-U (Macintosh), and click the [Preview] button. 5 Confirm that the scanning unit has completely returned to the back of the scanner. 6 Disconnect the AC adapter and USB cable. 2. Scanning Unit Confirm that the scanning unit is in this position 3. Lock the scanning unit by pushing the lock switch toward the lock mark ( ). Lock Switch Locked · Carrying or transporting the scanner without locking the scanning unit may damage it. Start the application program first, then start ScanGear CS-U from within the program. The images scanned while both programs are running will be directly loaded into the application program (the application program must comply with the TWAIN_32 standard). Photoshop LE Start TWAIN driver from within an application program. ScanGear CS-U works as a TWAIN driver on top of the application program's window. · The methods for starting TWAIN drivers vary between application programs. See the respective manuals for other programs. 12 Windows ScanGear Toolbox ScanGear Toolbox is a convenient program used to scan images, copy (print), attach images to email messages or faxes, or save images in a few simple steps. ScanGear Toolbox Toolbar Scanner Select your scanner. Mode Select whether the scan is performed from the platen (platen mode) or the Film Adapter Unit (film mode). This option will not display with a scanner that does not support a Film Adapter Unit. Link Button Links the driver or application program used by each of the function buttons. (§ P. 15) Scan (1-3) Buttons Scans an image and sends it to a linked application program. Fax Button Scans an image and sends it to the fax driver. · The Scan 1-3 buttons are automatically set to Photoshop LE, PhotoBase and PhotoRecord respectively, if all the application programs are installed from the CanoScan Setup Utility CD-ROM. · To use the copy (print) function, the printer must be connected and on-line and its printer driver must be installed on the computer. · To use the email function, a MAPI-compliant (Messaging Application Programming Interface) program, such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange, must be installed and enabled. · To use the fax function, a fax modem must be connected, faxing software must be installed and the system enabled for sending faxes. 13 Windows How to Use ScanGear Toolbox Starting ScanGear Toolbox · Push the Start Button in front of the scanner, or push the Film Scan Button on top of the Film Adapter Unit (option). How to Scan You can start a scan without starting the driver software simply by clicking a button on the ScanGear Toolbox toolbar and specifying the scan conditions. Set the [Image type], [Image quality] and [Paper Size], and click the [OK] button. 3. [. . . ] Open the [OmniPage 8 SE Folder] folder and double-click the [OmniPage 8 SE] icon. OmniPage SE will start. · For the initial setting, open the [Settings] menu and select [Select Scanner], then select [CanoScan D1230U] or [CanoScan D2400U]. 2. Click the [Scan Image] button on the toolbar, or open the [Process] menu and select [Scan Image]. Select [Black & White] as the scan mode and [OCR(300dpi)], [OCR(400dpi)] or [OCR(600dpi)] as the output device. [. . . ]


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