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[. . . ] (525) 5490-2000 CANON OY AB Kornetintie, 3, 00380 Helsinki, Finland Puhelin: 010 54420 Fax: 010 544 4571 Helpdesk: 0600 0 22606 (9, 95 mk/min+pvm) Helpdesk: 0600 0 22666 (enint. 40 mk/puhelu+pvm) Sähköposti: helpdesk@canon. fi Internet: www. canon. fi CANON PANAMA, S. A. Apartado 7022, Panama 5, Rep. LTD. 79 Anson Road #09-01/06, Singapore 079906 http://www. canon-asia. com Quick Start Guide CANON ARGENTINA, S. A. Ave. 1, Jalan Kilang Timor, #09-00 Pacific Tech Centre, Singapore, 159303 Tel: 65-7998888, Fax: 65-2736786 Hotline: 65-3342726 http://www. canon. com. sg CANON EUROPA N. V. P. O. [. . . ] If you upgrade to Windows XP with the software remaining, the scanner may not work. For details, please read the Troubleshooting section on the CanoScan Setup Utility CD-ROM. D1250U2F Quick Start Guide 7 *D1250U2F_QSG_E 7 11/24/01, 7:18 AM Install the Software Windows Millennium Edition (Me) 1. 2. Turn the computer on. The [Add New Hardware Wizard] dialog box will appear. Confirm that "Automatic search for a better driver (Recommended)" is selected. The driver will begin to install. 5. When "Windows has finished installing the new hardware device. " appears, click [Finish]. Continue on P. 10. 8 D1250U2F Quick Start Guide *D1250U2F_QSG_E 8 11/24/01, 7:19 AM Install the Software Windows 98 / Windows 2000 Professional The screen shots in this section are from Windows 98. 1. When the [Add New Hardware Wizard] dialog box appears, click [Next]. 3. Confirm that "Search for the best driver for your device. (Recommended)" is selected and click [Next]. 4. Place the CanoScan Setup Utility CD-ROM in the drive. 5. Confirm that "CD-ROM drive" is selected, wait for 10 seconds, and then click [Next]. If "Driver Not Found" appears, click [Back] and repeat this step. 6. When "CanoScan D1250U2/D1250U2F" appears, click [Next]. Windows 98 Users If prompted to insert the Windows 98 CD-ROM, follow the instructions below. Click [OK]. 7. Click [Finish]. D1250U2F Quick Start Guide 9 *D1250U2F_QSG_E 9 11/24/01, 7:19 AM Install the Software Install the Application Programs After finished installing the scanner driver, continue to install the application programs. The scanned image will print. · The printer driver should be installed and the printer should be on-line to use this function. 5. Enter the receiver's address and title, write a message, confirm the required settings, and send the message. · MAPI compliant e-mail software, such as Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora or Netscape Messenger should be installed and enabled. With certain e-mail software, you should set the MAPI function on. · While scanning, you can change the default settings for scanning by clicking the [Cancel] button. For details on changing settings or arranging the scanner's button-tofunction assignment, refer to the ScanGear Toolbox User's Guide (electronic manual). 14 D1250U2F Quick Start Guide *D1250U2F_QSG_E 14 11/24/01, 7:19 AM Scanning Film Preparation Removing the Protective Sheet The document cover is equipped with a protective sheet for the light source. Remove the protective sheet by sliding it in the direction of the arrow. Light Source · Keep the protective sheet carefully not to be bent nor torn. · Replace the protective sheet over the light source when not scanning film. Positioning the Film Load a film into the film guide as shown below and place the loaded guide onto the scanner's document glass. 1. Insert a fingernail into the slot in the film guide and lift up the flap. Flap 2. Place the film face down into the groove in the film guide. Position the target frame of the film in the middle of the groove. · Hold the film by the edges with your fingertips to avoid getting fingerprints or dirt on the film surface. · Any dust on the film, scanner document glass or light source will show in the scanned images. Remove dust with a blower brush. D1250U2F Quick Start Guide 15 *D1250U2F_QSG_E 15 11/24/01, 7:19 AM Scanning Film 3. Attach the flap by aligning with the slots in the film guide and press it down. Flap To place the mounted 35mm film, remove the flap and place the 35 mm slide mount in the middle of the film guide. 4. Place the loaded film guide in the correct position on the document glass. with the scanner's · Images will not scan correctly, or error messages will display, if the film guide is positioned incorrectly. · The film guide has a calibration slot used by the scanner to calculate the color balance. [. . . ] If it is not in the home position, connect the AC adapter to the electrical outlet. After the scanning unit has completely returned to the scanner's home position, disconnect the AC adapter. Scanning Unit Home position 3. Lock the scanning unit by pushing the lock switch toward the lock mark ( ). Lock Switch Locked · Carrying or transporting the scanner without locking the scanning unit may damage it. Be particularly careful to lock the scanning unit when transporting the scanner in a vehicle. 24 D1250U2F Quick Start Guide *D1250U2F_QSG_E 24 11/24/01, 7:19 AM Care and Maintenance Clean off the dirt and dust that adheres to the exterior, document glass and document cover of the scanner during the course of ordinary operation using the following procedures. 1. 2. Unplug the AC adapter from the electrical outlet and detach the USB cable from the computer. [. . . ]


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