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[. . . ] Macintosh, Power Macintosh, Mac OS and FireWire are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. , registered in the U. S. · Other names and products not mentioned above may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. In this guide, Windows XP screen shots are used to illustrate explanations common to all operating systems. · · · · 2 Check the Package Contents Scanner and Accessories AC Adapter CanoScan 9950F USB Interface Cable Film Guides for 35 mm strips/slides, 120 and 4"x5" format films. Documents and Software Programs · Quick Start Guide (this guide) · Additional Documents · CanoScan Setup Utility CD-ROM · The two figures in the brackets below indicate the respective sizes of the Windows/ Macintosh versions of the software. [. . . ] You cannot install the software when logged in using added administrator accounts. 2 Place the CanoScan Setup Utility CD-ROM in the drive. 3 Double-click the CD-ROM icon. 4 Double-click the [SetUp] icon. After you select your language, the CanoScan Setup Utility main menu will display. 5 Click [Install the Software]. The [Install] window will display. Read the SOFTWARE USER LICENSE AGREEMENT. Click [Yes] if you accept the terms. 6 Click [Start Installation]. You will install five software programs and the Scanning Guide (HTML format manual). 7 The installation procedure will start. Follow the on-screen message prompts and click [Next], [Yes] or [Install] to continue the installation. If a verification dialog appears, input the Administrator's name and password. 8 When the installation is complete, click [Yes]. The computer will restart. 9 After restarting, remove the CD-ROM from the drive and store it in a safe place. 5 English Install the Software Macintosh (Macintosh) Unlock the Scanning Unit Unlock the Scanning Unit · Unlock the scanning unit before connecting the scanner to the computer. · Do not tilt the scanner more than 90 degrees from horizontal when releasing the lock. · When locking the scanner, do not lift up the back and tilt the front (scanner button location) downward. You may be unable to set the lock. 1 Peel the seals off the scanner. 2 Gently turn the scanner over. 3 Slide the lock switch toward the unlock mark ( Lock Switch ). Unlock Mark 4 Return the scanner to a horizontal position. · When carrying or transporting the scanner, always lock the scanning unit by pushing the lock switch toward the lock mark ( ). 6 Connect the Scanner 1 Connect the FAU cable to the scanner. 2 Connect the scanner to the computer with the supplied USB interface cable. Supplied USB Interface Cable FAU Cable IEEE1394 (FireWire) Interface Cable (Macintosh only) FAU Cable FAU Connector IEEE1394 Interface Cable IEEE1394 Connector Wide Flat Connector USB Interface Cable Small Square Connector · On a Macintosh, you cannot have the USB cable and the IEEE1394 interface cable connected to the scanner at the same time. · To use the scanner with an IEEE 1394 (Fire Wire) port on a Macintosh computer, please purchase the IEEE 1394a (Fire Wire 400) cable recommended by Canon. · Please read the IEEE1394 caution sheet bundled with the scanner for precautions with the IEEE1394 interface and cables recommended by Canon. 3 Attach the supplied AC adapter to the scanner. AC Adapter 4 Press the power switch on the scanner's front panel to turn the power on. The Scan Lamp will light. Power Switch · Only use the USB interface cable and the AC adapter provided with the scanner. · Leave a gap of 0. 2" (5 mm) or greater between film strips when placing two or more on the document glass of the scanner. · Ensure that there is no gap between the edge of the film and the Film Guide on the side near the calibration slot. Scanning Curled 120 Format Films Curled film strips can stick to the document glass of the scanner and cause a pattern of rings called Newton Rings to appear on the scanned image. If this occurs, scan using the supplied film retainer sheet as shown in the figure. (A) Scan with the film retainer sheet inserted beneath the film. (A) Film Holder 120 Format Film Film Retainer Sheet (B) If Newton Rings still appear after following Instruction (A), turn the film strip over and place it in the Film Holder with the film retainer sheet on top so that the film edges are held down for scanning. Then preview the image in ScanGear CS and click the [Mirror] button to reverse the image before initiating the final scan. To avoid damaging the film, always place the glossy side (the side without an illustration) of the film retainer sheet against the film. With its glossy side facing upward, slip the film retainer sheet under the film. (B) Hold the film edges down by placing the film retainer sheet on top with its glossy side facing downward. 13 English Align the Film Guide's tab with the FILM symbol on the document glass of the scanner. Scanning Film 4" x 5" Format Film Open the Film Holder on the Film Guide, place the film face down and close the Film Holder. 4" x 5" Format Film Align the Film Guide's tab with the FILM symbol on the document glass of the scanner. 120 Format Film (Single Frame) Use this method to scan single frames. Adjust the Film Holder bars to the film width. 120 Format Film Open the Film Holder. Place the film face down (viewed correctly from below) in the Film Guide so that its edges fit within the grooves. To avoid scratching the film, do not slide the Film Holder after you place the film in the Film Guide. Align the Film Guide's tab with the FILM symbol on the document glass of the scanner. If the Film Holder becomes separated from the Film Guide, refer to the illustrations to reassemble it 1. Close the Film Holder (c). (b) (a) (c) 3 Close the document cover. 14 Scanning Film The following steps explain how to scan 35 mm film strips with ArcSoft PhotoStudio. [. . . ] *4 Note that Macintosh computers with USB 2. 0 Hi-Speed interface expansion cards are not supported. *5 AC adapter type varies according to the region in which the scanner is purchased. · Specifications are subject to change without notice. Upgrading to USB 2. 0 (Windows Only) To upgrade a computer to the USB 2. 0 standard, please use one the following USB expansion cards/hubs that have been verified by Canon for compatibility. Expansion Cards Hubs · Adaptec USB2connect 5100: PCI bus Adaptec XHUB4 · Adaptec USB2connect 3100LP: PCI bus Adaptec XHUB4PLUS · Adaptec USB2connect 2000LP: PCI bus Adaptec XHUB7PLUS · Adaptec DuoConnect: PCI bus For installation procedures, please read the instructions that accompany the USB expansion card/hub. 17 English Specifications System Information System Information This form should be used to record the operating environment for the purchased scanner. [. . . ]


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