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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] For details on cable specifications, refer to page 6. Introduction This Quick Start Guide uses the following symbols to indicate important information. Always observe the instructions indicated by these symbols. Instructions that, if ignored, could result in death or serious personal injury caused by incorrect operation of the equipment. These must be observed for safe operation. Instructions that, if ignored, could result in personal injury or material damage caused by incorrect operation of the equipment. Observe the warnings and cautions to avoid personal injury or damage to the printer. [. . . ] Follow the steps below to install the printer driver correctly. 1 Ensure the printer and the computer are switched off. 2 Plug the printer in. 3 Connect the USB cable. If the Add New Hardware Wizard or Found New Hardware Wizard screen appears when carrying out the following operations, click Cancel and turn off the computer. 6 4 Loading Paper Loading Plain Paper 1 Pull out the paper rest and the output tray (for i350 only) as shown. Be careful not to jam your finger in the circular holes of the paper rest (for i350 only). Print side 2 To avoid paper jams, fan the stack to remove static cling, then align the edges of the stack by tapping it on a flat surface. side of the sheet feeder. 3 Load the paper, aligning it with the right You can load up to 100 sheets of plain paper. For Legal size paper, you can load up to 10 sheets. 4 Pinch the paper guide and slide it against the left side of the stack of paper. You now need to install the printer driver: Windows: Go to page 8 Mac OS 8. 6-9. x: Go to page 10 Mac OS X: Go to page 11 7 5 Installing the Printer Driver Installing the Printer Driver ­ Windows · Do not disconnect the cable or remove the CD-ROM during the installation. · When installing the printer driver in Windows XP or Windows 2000, log on to the system as a member of the Administrators group. · The Setup Software & User's Guide CD-ROM contains the application software. If you want to install the application software, click Install on step 7. If the following screen appears automatically, click Cancel and follow steps 1 to 8 to install the printer driver. Special Notes for Windows 98 or Windows Me USB Users Click Cancel to quit the screen and turn off the printer. Next, remove and replace the USB cable connected to your computer. 1 Ensure the printer and computer are switched off. 2 Turn on the computer and start Windows. If any applications automatically run, quit them. Disable any virus detection programs. Do NOT turn the printer on at this stage. 8 3 Place the Setup Software & User's Guide CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive. · If the CD-ROM does not run automatically, click Start and select My Computer, then double-click the CD-ROM icon. Aligning the print head positions allows you to print without shifts in the color registration. Aligning the Print Head ­ Windows 1 Click Start and select Control Panel, Printers and Other Hardware, and then Printers and Faxes. For non-XP Windows, click Start, then select Settings, Printers. 2 Click the icon for your printer. 3 Open the File menu and select: · Windows XP/Windows 2000 [Printing Preferences. . . ] · Windows Me/Windows 98 [Properties] to open the setting screen. 4 Click OK. 5 Click the Maintenance tab, and click Print Head Alignment. 13 6 Check that paper is loaded in the printer and click OK. If a message warning you not to perform other operations appears, click OK. It takes about 60 seconds to start printing. 7 After the pattern is printed, click Yes. If the pattern is not printed successfully, open the front cover and ensure that the ink tanks are correctly installed. 8 Look at the print-out. From the patterns in Column A, select the most even, least irregular pattern and enter the number. 9 In the same way, one by one, select the most even patterns printed with the least irregularities from each of Columns B to F, enter their numbers, and click OK. If it is difficult to pick the best pattern on Column F, pick the setting that produces the least noticeable vertical white stripes. Less noticeable white stripes More noticeable white stripes 10 Click OK. This completes the printer setup. To get the best results, ensure you select the type of media loaded in the printer when printing on paper other than plain paper. (6) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (1) Media Type (2) Print Quality (3) Color Adjustment (4) Preview before printing (5) Help Select the type of media loaded in the printer. If you wish to control the color adjustment settings in more detail, select Manual. Click this for a more detailed explanation of the functions in the tab. If this happens, click Start then select All Programs (or Programs) Canon i350 or Canon i250 - Guide). cursor, an explanation will be displayed. (6) ? · Clicking the Print Advisor allows you to change to the most appropriate print settings simply by answering questions when prompted. · Use the application to set the paper size and paper orientation. Before printing, open the settings screen and check that the Page Size in the Page Setup tab is the same as that specified within application. [. . . ] Reinstall the printer driver (see page 8). 3 4 5 6 Click Exit, then remove the CD-ROM. For Further Details. . . For more information, place the Setup Software & User's Guide CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive. User's Guide Contents The "User's Guide" is HTML manual you can browse through on your computer. Contents · Printer parts and their functions · Further printing techniques · Routine maintenance · Printing media · Troubleshooting · Specifications How to View the User's Guide For Windows (1) Load the CD-ROM in your computer. (4) When a message appears, click · Yes ­ to install the User's Guide · No ­ only to browse the User's Guide (5) Select User's Guide and click OK. (5) Double-click the icon for the i350&i250_UG_ENG. htm file. 22 Applications Included in the CD-ROM Package Easy-PhotoPrint (Windows/Macintosh) You can make a Borderless Printing (i350 only) easily and quickly, just by selecting a photograph taken with a digital camera and the paper type on which to print. [. . . ]


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