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[. . . ] To fulfill the needs of users such as these, Canon has researched and developed the HJ17ex6. 2B, embodying the uncompromising high-dimensional quality for which our products are known. The HJ17ex6. 2B is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art Canon optical technologies, and serves as a highly innovative premium standard HDTV lens. Main Features The HJ17ex6. 2B represents a further advancement of the HDxs Series, already the premier series of HDTV lenses. Offering optimum mobility, the HJ17ex6. 2B premium standard HDTV lens is a new addition to the HDxs Series, Canon’s premier HDTV lens lineup, with lenses covering a full range from Super Telephoto (1, 120mm) to Super Wide (4. 3mm). [. . . ] Professional users are now more able to select the appropriate lens for their expressive needs, and produce video with the high quality for which HDxs is renowned. Canon HDxs lens series Category Zoom Ratio Focal Length (2/3 inch) Features 4. 3mm . 7. 5mm 8. 5mm 14mm m m m 6. 2mm 7. 6mm m m 10mm 28mm 60mm m m m 120mm 128mm m 8 106mm 130mm 0 158mm 168mm 212mm 336mm 560mm 260mm 316mm 400mm 500mm 1120mm 0 800mm 1000mm 0 ULTRA 40x with ImageTELEPHOTO Stabilizer Telephoto SUPER TELEPHOTO 40x with Image Stabilizer HJ40x14B HJ40x10B HJ18x28B HJ22ex7. 6B HJ21ex7. 5B HJ17ex7. 6B HJ17ex6. 2B HJ14ex4. 3B with 2x Extender HJ15ex8. 5B with 2x Extender with 2x Extender with 2x Extender with 2x Extender with 2x Extender with 2x Extender with 2x Extender PORTABLE 18x ULTRA TELEPHOTO TELEPHOTO Multi-Purpose 22x ENG/EFP LENS Exclusive EFP 21x SUPER QUALITY Standard Super Wide STANDARD 17x ENG/EFP LENS 17x PREMIUM STANDARD (wider + closer) 14x WIDEST ANGLE LENS (to date in TV industry) Image Stabilized 15x WIDER RANGE IS with VAP Shoot closer, shoot wider. Improved mobility for camera crews in diverse situations. • When covering news stories on-site, camera crews must work with a limited supply of equipment and react rapidly to various changes in subject distance and focal length. The HJ17ex6. 2B is capable of adapting flexibly to all manner of filming situations, whether shooting in close proximity to a subject or shooting close-ups of a subject from far away, without the need for changing lenses, thanks to its short M. O. D. , extra-wide angle, 17x magnification, and built-in 2x extender. • For production of documentaries, the HJ17ex6. 2B enables vivid shooting even when ultra-close to the subject to make the scene come alive, or shooting in small rooms where distance from the subject cannot be attained, • The HJ17ex6. 2B is a single lens capable of flexible operation, enabling the improved versatility required by camera crews, maximum cost- and performance-efficiency for productions, and a wide range of expressive possibilities. Superb optical performance. Wider focal length. • With focal lengths ranging from wide-end to tele-end, and at subject distances ranging from infinite distance to extreme closeup (in which case optical performance generally suffers), the HJ17ex6. 2B minimizes optical aberration across the entire screen and exhibits superb optical performance throughout the field. • The HJ17ex6. 2B provides the same magnification (17x) as our well-established HDTV production lens, the HJ17ex7. 6B, while achieving a wider focal length of 6. 2mm. *2 HJ17ex6. 2B IRSE Zoom: Servo / Manual Focus: Manual HJ17ex6. 2B IASE Zoom: Servo / Manual Focus: Servo / Manual ACCESSORIES Filter 105mm P1(*1) # ② ⑥ Unit FFM-100 FFM-200 FC-40 FFC-200 FZC-100 FPM-420D FPD-400D ZSD-300D ZSG-200M Description Flex Focus Module Flex Dual Module Flex Cable Flex Focus Controller Flex Zoom Controller Focus Positional Servo Module Focus Positional Demand Zoom Servo Demand Zoom Servo Grip Clamper Zoom Extension Cable (8P) Zoom/Focus Manual Controllers ② Focus Servo Controllers (For IRSE Lenses) (For IASE Lenses) Zoom Servo Controllers ⑧ ⑩ 20p 20p 8p ⑪ ⑬ ⑥ ⑧ ⑩ 20p ⑬ 20p ⑳ ⑰ ⑳ ⑰ ⑪ ⑰ 8p CR-10 EC-80 (※1)For the optical accessories, the 105mm diameter P1 filters are applicable. (UV/Cross/Snow Cross/Sunny Cross/Polarized Light/Softon/ND8) The optical converters and attachments are not applicable. DIMENSIONS VTR SWITCH ZOOM SPEED VOLUME (37. 7) 240. 5 MACRO BUTTON EXTENDER LEVER 48± (in air) F. ADJUSTING LOCK SCREW INDEX MARK INFOMATION DISPLAY On/Off SWITCH INFOMATION DISPLAY DIGITAL FUNCTION SELECTOR AUX1 SWITCH 15 50 ft 5 m 106 5. 6 45° 2 3 4. 5 6 8 0. 7 1 1. 5 2. 5 φ100 25 35. 6 40. 6 165 115 50 φ98. 5 1. 4 0. 4 0. 5 6. 2 52. 9 IMAGE PLANE HOOD CONNECTOR FOR REMOTE ZOOM CONTROL(8PIN) CONNECTOR FOR ZOOM REMOTE & FOCUS REMOTE & VIRTUAL UNIT(20PIN) CONNECTOR FOR ZOOM REMOTE & FOCUS REMOTE UNIT(20PIN) ZOOM OPERATION CHANGE−OVER KNOB ZOOM LEVER North & South America Canon U. S. A. , Inc. Imaging Technologies & Communications Group Broadcast and Communications Sales & Marketing Division (Headquarters) 65 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 Tel:+1(201)807-3300/(800)321-4388 Fax:+1(201)807-3333 Email:bctv@cusa. canon. com http://www. canonbroadcast. com/ Latin America Tel & Fax:+1(954)757-0980 China Canon (China) Co. , Ltd. Broadcast Equipment Products 15F Jinbao Building No. 89 Jinbao Street Dongcheng District, Beijing 100005, China Tel:+86-10-8513-9999 Fax:+86-10-8513-9128 http://www. canon. com. cn Distributed by Canada Canon Canada, Inc. Broadcast and Communications Div. 6390 Dixie Road Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 1P7, Canada Tel:+1(905)795-2012 Fax:+1(905)795-2140 Asia/Japan Canon Inc. (ICP GROUP 5) 30-2, Shimomaruko 3-chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 146-8501, Japan Tel:+81(0)3-3757-7453 Fax:+81(0)3-3757-7086 http://www. canon. com/bctv Europe/Africa/Middle East Canon Europe Ltd Broadcast Products Div. 3 The Square, Stockley Park Uxbridge Middlesex United Kingdom UB11 1ET Tel:+44 (0)20 8588 8140 Fax:+44 (0)20 8588 8603 Email : tvprod@canon-europe. com http://www. canon-europe. com/tv-products/ Chicago 100 Park Blvd. Itasca, IL 60143 Tel:+1(630)250-6236 Fax:+1(630)250-0399 Atlanta 5625 Oakbrook Pkwy. [. . . ] Itasca, IL 60143 Tel:+1(630)250-6236 Fax:+1(630)250-0399 Atlanta 5625 Oakbrook Pkwy. Norcross, GA 30093 Tel:+1(770)849-7890 Fax:+1(770)849-7888 Los Angeles 15955 Alton Parkway lrvine, CA 92618 Tel:+1(949)753-4330 Fax:+1(949)753-4337 Australia Canon Australia Pty. [. . . ]


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