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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Instruction Manual Instruction manuals (PDF files) and software can be downloaded from the Canon Web site (p. , Live View shooting, Full High-Definition (Full HD) movie shooting, and Wi-Fi/NFC/Bluetooth (wireless communication) function. Before Starting to Shoot, Be Sure to Read the Following To avoid botched pictures and accidents, first read the “Safety Precautions” (p. Also, read this manual carefully to ensure that you use the camera correctly. [. . . ] Depending on the shooting conditions such as when shooting with flash or shooting long exposures, the captured images may not be displayed (played back) continuously. 231 A Shooting with the LCD Monitor  In the <8: x> mode, Live View shooting is not possible. π½ In the <8: q> mode, the angle of view changes slightly in Live View shooting because distortion correction is applied. π½ In the <8: FG> and <v: ABCD> modes, the image area will be smaller. π½ For flash photography, the continuous shooting speed will become slower (max. π½ Do not point the camera toward an intense light source, such as the sun or an intense artificial light source. Doing so may damage the image sensor or the camera’s internal components.  General Live View Shooting Cautions are on pages 261-262. π½ When flash is used, there will be two shutter sounds, but only one shot will be taken. Also, the time it takes to take the picture after you press the shutter button completely will be longer than with viewfinder shooting. π½ If the camera is not operated for a prolonged period, the power will turn off automatically after the time set in [52: Auto power off] (p. If [52: Auto power off] is set to [Disable], Live View shooting will end automatically after 30 min. )  With the HDMI cable, you can display the Live View image on a TV set (p. If the picture does not appear on the TV screen, check if the [53: Video system] is correctly set to [For NTSC] or [For PAL] (depending on the video system of your TV set). 232 A Shooting with the LCD Monitor Information Display  Each time you press the <B> button, the information display will change. 233 A Shooting with the LCD Monitor  You can display the electronic level by pressing the <B> button (p. Note that if the AF method is set to [u+Tracking] or the camera is connected to a TV set with an HDMI cable, the electronic level cannot be displayed. π½ You can display the histogram by pressing the <B> button. However, the histogram is not displayed while pressing the shutter button completely. π½ If <g> is blinking, it indicates that the Live View image is displayed at a brightness that differs from the actual shooting result because of lowor bright-light conditions. Note that the noise may be more noticeable than the actual image recorded. π½ The <g> icon and histogram will be displayed in gray (for your reference) in the <8: FG> modes, when Multi Shot Noise Reduction is set, when flash is used, or when bulb exposure is used. [. . . ] Picture Style Editor You can edit Picture Styles, and create and save original Picture Style files. This software is aimed at advanced users who are experienced in image processing. 474 Software Start Guide Downloading and Installing the Software  Do not connect the camera to a computer before you install the software. π½ Even if a previous version of the software is installed on your computer, follow the procedure below to install the latest version. [. . . ]


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