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[. . . ] Orderan RJ11-C modularwalljack (USOCcode), whichshouldbe installed the phonecompany. lf the RJ1 by 1-Cwalliack is not present, telephone/fax is operation not possible. Ordera normalbusiness from your telephone line company's voicegradelineor the representative. DDD (Direct Distance Dial)line -orIDDD(lnternational DirectDistance Dial)lineif you communicate overseas C. [. . . ] You can register to sevenphonenumbersunder up the One-touch dialingkeys @ to @. Aftera numberis registered, can be dialedjust by it Destination touchingthe keywhereit is registered. labelsare provided you can labeltheOne{ouch so keyson the controlpanel. To interrupt and One{ouchdial registration returnto standby, just press l3J o-Fl. 79 One-touchdialing numbers and namesfor RegisterinE dialing One-touch Follow this procedure to registernames and numbers for One-touch dialing. t Make sure that the REGISTRATION switch is ON before you anteryour telephone number. ') to display the 4 Press search key number the One-touch whereyou of for the wantto register number dialing. uz= . lf a number is already registered under the code you chose, the fax displaysthatnumber. Press feIEA_Fl to clear a previously registered number' the to Usethe keysin thetablebelow enter number. 02= Kevs to press @ to @ fSfl-FTTtrl fPTUS-fl] 3I2 228 5700 tCl--E-AR] [ToNEl Typesa number. Entersa space. Spacesare optional a Enters pause, Wthin a numbera pauseequals2 sec. At the end of a a number, pauseequals10 sec. (g E n t e r s a T f o r t o n e d i a l i n+ 3 6 ) 80 One-touchdialing Registering long distance numbers you may number, Whenyou register long distance a haveto inserta pauseeitherwithin or afterthe number. The location the pauseand the actualpausetime of may differdepending the telephone system. thetelephone 4800 bps suchas Use4800bps for a linewith a bad connection staticon the line. lf a Use 9600 bps for the lastesttransmission the problemoccurs, the fax automatically adjusts transmission. speedfor the bestpossible the to 11 Press l-sET-l register transmission speed. DATA ENTRY OK . After 1 second the nextdisplay appears. LoNG DTSTANCE (0) the keys(. >) to display the 12 Press search you setting want(0, 1, 2, 3). 83 Onelouch dialing is you number areregistering lf thefacsimile set number, to 0. not a longdistance -or1, 2, or 3' select number, Fora longdistance a 1. First, setting lf you have problem try due or sending receiving to poortelephone andtry again the register number lines, the you correct problem. 2 settings or 3 until you 1 3 Whenthe setting wantis displayed, press[sETl. DATA ENTRY OK c Afterabout 1 second, the next One-touchnumber is displayed for your nextentry. 03 = number and 1 4 lf you wantto enteranother this repeat dialing, for name Onetouch procedure. -orand Press fs. r-Tb--l turn the nectsrRATloN switchoFFto returnto standby. -c> ------{''--r" @ =\="-i b'ffi / -. . , i> @\. -. i. ' - 1 5 Writethe name of the other party on one of labelsprovidedand placethe the destination the controlpanelnextto the labelon the One{ouchkey whereyou registered n u mb e r. . Thisremindsyou of what key to presswhen you want to use the key for One-touch dialing. :-:. . -. -----------. -- - 84 One-touchdialing Adjustingthe pausetime Followthis procedureto adjustthe lengthof pause time for your switchboardor telephonesystem. OnlVthe lengthof the 2-second pauseentered within a numbercan be adjusted. [. . . ] Unidirectional qualityprinting documents printing provides for that better vertical lines. containgraphics, especially to moveto one of threepositions Located the handset, on high, low, and otf. adjustthe volumeof the phoneringing: sequentialbroadcast standby switchboard Tone/pulse switch touch{one transaction number TTI TX printing unidirectional volumeswitch 157 A activitymanagementreport format, 136 p r i n t i n g7 8 , 1 3 0 , 1 3 3 , printingevery2Otransactions, 134 printingeveryday. 135 printingformat, 136 printingmanually, 133 activityreports p r i n t i n g1 3 0 , 1 3 1 , answerang machine connection, l2 message, 65 receiving document, a 63 automatic dialing facsimile, 45 redialing tacsimile a number, 50 B BJ cartridge cleaning print head, 23 the handlingprecautions, 16 ink lootprint, 54 i n s t a l l i n g , 8 1 when to replace, 54 bubblejet cartridge "BJ cartridge", See i6 throughPBX, 37 tone, 36 document beforesending, 40 density, 41 inserting fax, 43 in j a m s , 5 1 lost after powerfailure, 97 receiving, 53 removing, 14 quality, reproduction 42 sendfrom memory, 103 sending, 44 size, 38 storedin memory, printing, 101 transaction number. [. . . ]


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