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[. . . ] The Mains plug shall remain readily operable to disconnect the plug in case of an accident. While using the compact power adapter, do not wrap it or cover it with a piece of cloth, and do not place it in confined narrow spaces. Heat may build up, the plastic case may deform and it could result in electric shock or fire. Using any device other than the Compact Power Adapter CA-570 may damage the camcorder. [. . . ] · Do not use your computer to initialize the camcorder's hard disk. Doing so will result in the camcorder ceasing to function properly. Initializing the Hard Disk Initializing erases all movies on the hard disk, allowing you free up space for more recordings. In addition, it reduces hard disk fragmentation, which may reduce performance and occurs as movies are recorded and deleted over time. * ( 21) * Original index screen only FUNC. ( 23) FUNC. MENU HDD OPERATIONS INITIALIZE HDD YES FUNC. ** YES ** Close the menu only after the screen display returns to the [HDD OPERATIONS] menu. 61 Photos Refer to this chapter for details on shooting photos ­ from capturing and playing back images to printing them. Recording 3 Press Taking Photos PHOTO halfway. · Once the focus is automatically adjusted, will turn green and one or more AF frames will appear. · When you press PHOTO on the wireless controller, the still image is recorded immediately. The CARD access indicator will flash as the still image is being recorded. 4 Press Before using a memory card for the first time, be sure to initialize it with this camcorder ( 73). IMPORTANT ( 21) Observe the following precautions while the card access display ( ) appears on screen, and when the CARD access indicator is on or flashing. - Do not change the position of the / switch or the operating mode. NOTES 1 Move the images). / switch to (Still 2 Turn the switch to ON to set the camcorder in CAMERA mode. The red CAMERA indicator will turn on. · If the subject is not suitable for autofocus, turns yellow. · When the subject is too bright, "OVEREXP. " starts flashing. In such case, use the optional FS-43U II ND filter. 62 Selecting Photo Size and Quality Still images are recorded on the memory card using JPEG compression. Select the [LW 1920x1080] size for photos with an aspect ratio of 16:9. ( FUNC. ( 23) 21) 2 Use the navigation buttons to move the frame to the part of the image you want to see enlarged. To cancel the magnification, press the W side of the zoom lever until the frame disappears. FUNC. MENU STILL IMG OPER. ERASE ALL IMAGES FUNC. YES Erasing Photos You can erase still images recorded on the memory card. IMPORTANT Be careful when erasing images. Erased images cannot be recovered. NOTES Protected images on the memory card cannot be erased. 66 Additional Functions · Repeatedly press to cycle between the flash modes. · disappears after 4 seconds. 3 Press Flash You can use the built-in flash to record still images in dark places. ( 21) PHOTO , first halfway to activate the autofocus and then fully to record the still image. TO USE THE OPTIONAL VFL-1 VIDEO FLASH LIGHT You can attach the optional VFL-1 Video Flash Light to the advanced accessory shoe if you want a more powerful flash than the built-in flash. The procedure for setting the flash mode is the same as described above. For details about attaching and using the flash, refer to the instruction manual of the VFL-1. When a video accessory is attached to the advanced accessory shoe, will appear on the screen. The practical range with the VFL-1 Video Flash Light attached is approx. In any case, the actual range will depend on the recording conditions. [. . . ] · The minimum focusing distance at full telephoto with the TL-H43 is 3 m. · When the Tele-converter is attached, a shadow may appear in the picture when you record with flash or assist lamp. WD-H43 Wide-converter This lens decreases focal length by a factor of 0. 7, giving you a wide perspective for indoor shots or panoramic views. · When the Wide-converter is attached, a shadow may appear in the picture when you record with flash or assist lamp. 105 Additional Information · When taking photos with a 4:3 aspect ratio with the Wide-converter attached, depending on the position of the zoom, the Wide-converter's frame may appear in the picture. FS-43U II Filter Set Neutral density and MC protector filters help you to control difficult lighting conditions. HTC-100 HDMI Cable Use this cable to connect the camcorder to an external device using an all-digital connection, allowing you to enjoy playback at the highest quality. This cable sends both video and audio signals. VFL-1 Video Flash Light This video flash light allows you to record still images and movies even at night or in dark places. [. . . ]


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