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[. . . ] Use the or button to select an item and the or button to change its value ( ). Confirm that the correct time is displayed and press the FUNC. /SET button ( ). · A rechargeable lithium battery is built into the camera to save such settings as the date/time. When you purchase the camera, place the main battery in it for approximately four hours or use AC Adapter Kit ACK-DC10 (sold separately) to charge the lithium battery. [. . . ] This mode uses an optimal white balance setting to reduce bluish tones and record images with a natural hue. Color Accent Use this option to have only the color specified in the LCD monitor remain and to transform all others to black and white. 60). Color Swap Use this option to transform a color specified in the LCD monitor into another. 61). Movie Movie Shoots a movie when you press the shutter button. You can select from the following modes: [ Standard]; [ Fast Frame Rate] suitable for sports or fast motion; [ Compact] convenient for email attachments; [ Color Accent] for recording all colors in black and white except for the selected color; and [ Color Swap] for recording a selected color as a different color. · In , , , , , , or mode, the ISO speed may increase and cause noise in the image depending on the scene being shot. · In mode, shoot with the subject 1 m (3. 3 ft. ) or more from the end of the lens. · To shoot underwater, install the camera in Waterproof Case WP-DC3 (sold separately). · We recommend you use Waterproof Case WP-DC3 for shooting at ski resorts or beaches. 8 Using the Zoom 1. Press the zoom lever toward or . The zoom can be adjusted from 35 ­ 105 mm (focal length) in 35mm film equivalent terms. Press the Using the Flash button to cycle through flash settings. Placing a finger on the touch control dial displays the touch icons on the LCD monitor. Shooting Touch control dial Flash settings cannot be used in some shooting modes. Auto Auto Red-eye Reduction Red-eye Reduction On On Off Slow synchro Red-eye reduction This feature reduces the effect of light reflecting back from the eyes and making them appear red. Slow synchro The flash timing is adjusted to a slow shutter speed, allowing you to shoot night scenes. You are recommended to shoot with the camera attached to a tripod or other device if the camera shake warning icon appears. See the Advanced Guide: Functions Available in Each Shooting Mode (p. Press the / button to switch modes. To cancel the macro/infinity mode: press the remove or from the display. / button to These settings cannot be set in some shooting modes. Macro Use this mode to shoot close-ups of flowers or small items. Place the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk in the computer's CD-ROM drive. Double-click the [Canon Digital Camera Installer] icon in the CD-ROM window. Proceed with the installation while reviewing installation settings. Downloading Images to a Computer 3. When the installation is finished, the [Finish] or [Restart] button appears. When the screen returns to the desktop display, remove the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk from the CD-ROM drive. 19 2. Connect the supplied interface cable to the computer's USB port and to the camera's DIGITAL terminal. Slip your fingernail under the upper end of the camera's terminal cover and pull it open. With the facing in the direction shown, insert the interface cable all the way. USB Port DIGITAL Terminal Interface Cable Interface Cable 2. Slide the camera's mode switch to (playback) and turn on the power. The camera and computer will be able to communicate. Always grasp the sides of the connector when disconnecting the interface cable from the camera's DIGITAL terminal. If the Digital Signature Not Found window appears, click [Yes]. The USB driver will automatically finish installing onto the computer when you attach the camera and open a connection. 20 Downloading Images to a Computer A window allowing you to set the preferences will appear when a connection is established between the camera and computer. 1. [. . . ] · Press the MENU button if the Direct Transfer menu fails to appear. Direct Transfer Menu Downloading Images to a Computer 2. The display will return to the Direct Transfer menu when the download is complete. · To cancel the download, press the FUNC. /SET button. 23 Select & Transfer/Wallpaper 2. Select images to download and press the button (or the FUNC. /SET button). · The images will download. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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