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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Your GÜVENLIK VE MALIYET YÖNETIM PAKETI has been sold to you subject to the limited warranties set forth in the warranty cards. reserves the right to make changes in the specifications of the products described in this guide at any time without notice and without obligation to notify any person of such changes. Trademarks Canon and FAXPHONE are registered trademarks, and UHQ is a trademark of Canon Inc. All other product and brand names are registered trademarks, trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Canon U. S. A. has determined that the GÜVENLIK VE MALIYET YÖNETIM PAKETI meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. Super G3 is a phrase used to describe the new generation of fax machines that use ITU-T V. 34 standard 33. 6 Kbps* modems. [. . . ] You can also disable automatic redialing if you prefer your machine not to do so. If all automatic redialing attempts are unsuccessful, the machine cancels the transmission and prints an ERROR TX REPORT to notify you that the transmission was not completed (1 p. 11-4). Canceling Automatic Redialing Automatic redialing cannot be canceled with the Stop button while the machine is waiting to redial. You can either wait until your machine begins redialing and then follow the procedure below, or if you want to cancel while your machine is waiting to redial, you will have to delete the document from memory (1 p. Follow this procedure to cancel automatic redialing when your machine begins redialing: 1 Wait until your machine begins redialing. DIALING Chapter 7 Sending Faxes 7-9 Sending Faxes 2 Press Stop. Your machine asks you to confirm that you want to cancel automatic redialing. CANCEL?TYES #NO YES=(T) NO=(#) 3 Press T to cancel redialing. Redialing is not canceled until you press T. 11-4). Setting the Options for Automatic Redialing You can set the following options for automatic redialing: Whether the machine redials automatically (default: on). Follow this procedure to adjust the automatic redialing options: 1 Open the one-touch speed dialing panel. 7 Press Set. DATA REGSTRATION USER SETTINGS TX SETTINGS ECM TX AUTO REDIAL ON 7-10 Sending Faxes Chapter 7 8 Use or to select the setting you want. You can select from the following: ON Enables automatic redialing. OFF Disables automatic redialing. If you selected OFF in step 8: 9 Press Set. 10 Press Stop to return to standby mode. If you selected ON in step 8: TIME OUT 12/27 FaxTel 9 Press Set twice. REDIAL TIMES 2TIMES 10 Use the numeric buttons to enter the number of times you want the machine to redial. You can select from 1 to 10 times. If the machine's memory becomes full while scanning your document, MEMORY FULL will appear in the LCD. If this happens, remove the remainder of the document from the ADF (you may need to open the operation panel to do so), then divide the document into several sections and send each section separately. Delayed Sending Your machine allows you to scan a document into its memory and send it automatically to as many as 125 fax numbers at a preset time within the next 24 hours. By using this feature, you can take advantage of lower long distance rates at night, for example. n To use delayed sending correctly, make sure the correct time is set on your machine (1 p. 3-6). Scanning a Document into Memory for Delayed Sending Follow this procedure to scan a document into the machine's memory for delayed sending: 1 Load the document, face down in the ADF (1 p. You may be unable to scan if the memory used (shown in the LCD) is close to 100%. To free up space in the machine's memory: print, send, or delete any documents you no longer need to be stored in memory (1 p. 9-4). MEMORY USED 0% (Currently used memory) DOCUMENT READY (Standby to scan) 2 Open the one-touch speed dialing panel. 5 Use the numeric buttons to enter the time at which you want to send the document. Use the 24-hour format for the time (e. g. REGISTER SET TIME 15:00 SET TIME 22:30 6 Press Set. SELECT LOCATIONS TEL= 7-14 Sending Faxes Chapter 7 7 Enter up to 125 fax numbers you want to send to using any of the following methods: One-touch speed dialing: Press the one-touch speed dialing button(s) you want. Coded speed dialing: Press Coded Dial, then use the numeric buttons to enter the twodigit code you want. Repeat for other codes. Be sure to press Coded Dial before each code. 01=Canon EUROPA A A 01=Canon Inc. Regular dialing: Use the numeric buttons to enter the fax number you want, then press Set. You can only enter one fax number this way. [. . . ] See Cartridge K KEEP PRINTING setting 14-8 KEYPAD VOLUME setting 14-4 L Label 2-4 destination 6-7, 6-15 paper loading warning 2-6 Latch 2-11 LCD 2-12 definition 1-5 messages 13-8 to 13-12. See also individual message names Letter entering 3-2, 3-3 mode 3-2, 3-3 Lever, paper release 2-11, 13-4 LGL setting 5-2, 5-9, 14-8 Light, Alarm 2-12 LINE MONITOR VOL setting 14-4 Lists. See also individual list names summary 11-2 LOAD PAPER message 13-10 Loading document 4-3, 4-4 envelopes 5-5, 5-6 paper 2-16 to 2-18 transparencies 5-6 Location choosing 2-2 safety instructions 1-8, 1-9 LTR setting 5-2, 5-9, 14-8 G GROUP DIAL LIST description 11-2 printing 6-18 sample 6-21 Group dialing 6-2, 7-4 registering 6-13 to 6-15 sending with 6-16 Guide document 2-11 paper 2-11 H Handling, safety instructions 1-7, 1-8 Handset attacching to your machine 2-7 connecting 2-8 manual sending via 7-6, 7-7 Hook Button 2-12, 6-17, 7-6, 9-3 HORIZ & VERTICAL setting 14-8 M Machine 2-4 assembling 2-6 choosing location for 2-2 cleaning 12-2 to 12-5 clearing jams 13-2 to 13-7 Index I-3 Index components 2-11, 2-12. See also individual component names connecting 2-8 to 2-10 dimensions 2-2 features 1-3 name, registering 3-6, 3-7 number, registering 3-6, 3-7 testing 2-18 unpacking 2-3 to 2-5 Maintenance, safety instructions 1-7, 1-8 MAN/AUTO SWITCH setting 14-7 MANUAL MODE description 8-2 setting 8-6, 8-7 Manual redialing 7-9 canceling 7-9 Manual sending via the handset 7-6, 7-7 canceling 7-8 Manual setting. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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