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[. . . ] Capitalizing on this legacy of imaging excellence, Canon is expanding the possibilities of HDTV origination with the launch of an even more advanced wide-angle lens, the HJ14ex4. 3B. [. . . ] Refined by long-term market research and worldwide experience, Canon mobilized the latest in 3D CAD-CAM design to significantly improve the human tactile interface to the control of zoom, iris, and focus. Here are some results of Canon's research: Reduced Physical Stress Ergonomic Design Improved Ease of Operation Broad Focal Length of 4. 3-60mm By reducing the width of the drive unit, the palm of the camera operator's hand is positioned closer to the optical axis, thus reducing the degree of arm bend which in turn lessens physical stress during prolonged shooting. The spacing between the focus ring and drive unit has been changed to avoid accidental interference with the drive unit while manipulating the focus control. The size and curvature size have been optimized to more comfortably fit in the palm of the operator's hand (a). Newly developed coatings improve the tactile interface between the user and the drive unit (b) together with the new Rubber Grip Support (c). Smaller Hood Size and Higher Versatility The HJ14ex4. 3 uses a smaller hood unit compared to it's predecessor. While increasing the versatility of the camera, this also helps the camera operator view the actual scene. Hood Unit of HJ11ex Hood Unit of HJ14ex HJ14ex4. 3B_090225. qxd 09. 2. 25 5:14 PM ページ 4 Short M. O. D. For the optical accessories, the 127mm diameter P0. 75 filters are applicable. The filters are to be attached to the threaded hood unit. (UV/ Clear/ Cross/ Snow Cross/ Sunny Cross/ Polarized Light/ Softon/ ND8) FPD-400 is not available from Canon stock. 31 247. 8 48ȗ0. 03 (in air) MACRO BUTTON VTR SWITCH ZOOM SPEED VOLUME INDEX MARK INFOMATION DISPLAY On/Off SWITCH INFOMATION DISPLAY DIGITAL FUNCTION SELECTOR AUX1 SWITCH ZOOM LEVER EXTENDER LEVER 35. 6 48. 5 40. 6 163. 5 115 ɂ95 45 Ⴆ 52. 9 FOCUS OPERATION CHANGE-OVER KNOB CONNECTOR FOR REMOTE ZOOM CONTROL(8PIN) HOOD CONNECTOR FOR ZOOM REMOTE & FOCUS REMOTE & VIRTUAL UNIT(20PIN) ZOOM OPERATION CHANGE-OVER KNOB CONNECTOR FOR ZOOM REMOTE & FOCUS REMOTE UNIT(20PIN) North & South America Canon U. S. A. , Inc. Broadcast & Communications Div. (Headquarters) 65 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 Tel:(201)807-3300/(800)321-4388 Fax:(201)807-3333 Email:bctv@cusa. canon. com http://www. canonbroadcast. com/ Latin America Tel:(954)349-6975 Fax:(201)807-3333 China Canon (China) Co. , Ltd. Optical Products Division 15F Jinbao Building No. 89 Jinbao Street Dongcheng District, Beijing 100005, China Tel:86-10-85139999 Fax:86-10-85139902 http://www. canon. com. cn Distributed by Asia/Japan Canon Inc. (Broadcast Equipment Group) 23-10, Kiyohara-Kogyo-Danchi, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi-ken, 321-3298, Japan Tel:+81(0)28-667-8669 Fax:+81(0)28-667-8672 http://www. canon. com/bctv Canada Canon Canada, Inc. Broadcast and Communications Div. 6390 Dixie Road Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 1P7, Canada Tel:(905)795-2012 Fax:(905)795-2140 Chicago 100 Park Blvd. [. . . ] lrving, TX 75063 Tel:(972)409-8871 Fax:(972)409-8869 Australia Canon Australia Pty. [. . . ]


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