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[. . . ] HJ17ex 6. 2B Premium standard HDTV lens: Wider & closer, brings additional mobility to HD video production HJ17ex6. 2B As HD continues to become the worldwide standard for broadcast TV production, there is an increasing need for versatility in HDTV lenses that enable more efficient production operations without sacrificing high picture quality. In particular, there is strong demand for lenses that combine superior wide-angle performance with sufficient telephoto range to boost the mobility of camera crews and make operations more efficient. [. . . ] At the same time, the HDxs Series succeeds in suppressing ghosting and flaring by employing ray simulation technology in conjunction with original Canon spectral coating. Its amalgamation of advanced Canon optical technologies also minimizes curvature of field, comatic aberration, chromatic aberration of magnification, and axial chromatic aberration throughout the entire filed regardless of focal length or subject distance, stably exhibiting peak optical performance. Specially designed optical lens elements Enhanced Digital Drive Unit Information Display Zoom Speed Volume in New Location Premium Standard Lens : Focal Length of 6. 2-106mm(12. 4-212mm with 2x) Short M. O. D. 0. 4m (10mm with Macro) Newly Designed Ergonomic Drive Unit New Rubber Grip Support 2. 0x Extender Wide and Close Zoom Range 6. 2-106mm 212mm w/2x 4. 8 5 The incorporation of miniature 16-bit, high resolution Rotary Encoder Devices into the new enhanced digital drive unit, has extended the features of the HJ17ex6. 2B to include: • Precision control of all lens operations • Precise digital repeatability of zoom, focus and iris control that support innovative image creation • Simple and direct digital integration into virtual studio systems • Precision zoom control over a total speed range of 0. 5 sec. Moreover, Canon’s unique Information Display provides easy, precise customization of the enhanced digital functions such as Shuttle Shot, Frame Preset and Speed Preset. 3 Dynamic Zoom Speed Range (0. 5sec-5min from wide end to tele end) 50 10 6 Improved Operability & Reduced Operator Fatigue 0. 5 Exceptional High Optical Performance High MTF, Minimized Chromatic Aberrations and Innovative Countermeasures against Ghosting and Flares 2 0. 6 Coupled with innovations in optical performance, is a totally new design of the digital drive unit. Refined by long-term market research and worldwide experience, Canon mobilized the latest in 3D CAD-CAM design to significantly improve the human tactile interface to the control of zoom, iris, and focus. Here are some results of Canon’s research: Reduced Physical Stress Improved Ease of Operation Ergonomic Design 6. 2 1 5 15 50 m focal length ft a b c By reducing the width of the drive unit, the palm of the camera operator’s hand is positioned closer to the optical axis, thus reducing the degree of arm bend which in turn lessens physical stress during prolonged shooting. The spacing between the focus ring and drive unit has been changed to avoid accidental interference with the drive unit while manipulating the focus control. The size and curvature size have been optimized to more comfortably fit in the palm of the operator’s hand (a). Newly developed coatings improve the tactile interface between the user and the drive unit (b) together with the new Rubber Grip Support (c). SPECIFICATIONS HJ17ex6. 2B Built-in extender Zoom Ratio Range of Focal Length Maximum Relative Aperture Angular Field of View Minimum Object Distance (M. O. D. ) Object Dimensions at M. O. D. [. . . ] Ltd. Optical Products Division 1 Thomas Holt Drive, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia Tel:+61(0)2-9805-2000 Fax:+61(0)2-9805-2444 Dallas 3200 Regent Blvd. lrving, TX 75063 Tel:+1(972)409-8871 Fax:+1(972)409-8869 Specifications subject to change without notice. http://www. canon. com/bctv PUB. 0163W692 1203AB5 PRINTED IN JAPAN 62. 3 112. 3 12 [. . . ]


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