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[. . . ] de C. V. Professional Broadcast & Film Industry Business Department Blvd. Tel:555249 4900 Fax:555249 4901 60 5. 6 4 2. 8 1. 8 137 Australia Canon Australia Pty. [. . . ] 5F, 168-12 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-090, Korea Tel:+82-2-2191-8500 http://www. canon-ci. co. kr Los Angeles 15955 Alton Parkway lrvine, CA 92618 Tel:+1(949)753-4330 Fax:+1(949)753-4337 Dallas 3200 Regent Blvd. lrving, TX 75063 Tel:+1(972)409-8871 Fax:+1(972)409-8869 Latin America Tel & Fax:+1(954)757-0980 Specifications subject to change without notice. PUB. 0000000 0316HJ18ex76B_ip. indd 1-2 59. 5 105 14/03/19 9:58 HJ18ex7. 6B HDTV Zoom Lens for 2/3inch 3CCD Camera In recent years, as HD has become the standard in TV programming worldwide, Canon has made numerous contributions to the broadcasting industry by developing lenses that deliver the highest picture quality. The previous model, the HJ17ex7. 6B has been used in a wide variety of applications including news reporting, and has been enthusiastically adopted as a standard lens by customers worldwide. Eight years have passed since the HJ17ex7. 6B was introduced, and Canon has been enhancing its performance and incorporating the latest optical technology in developing the HJ18ex7. 6B. The HJ18ex7. 6B retains the compact and lightweight design essential to standard lenses, while upgrading specifications and performance across the board. We have listened to our customers, and a new simplified mode has brought the operation method even easier and closer to the ideal. PORTABLE 18x ULTRA TELEPHOTO TELEPHOTO Multi-Purpose 22x ENG/EFP LENS Exclusive EFP 21x SUPER QUALITY Standard Super Wide 18x STANDARD ENG/EFP LENS 17x PREMIUM STANDARD 14x WIDEST ANGLE LENS (to date in TV industry) HJ22ex7. 6B HJ21ex7. 5B HJ18ex7. 6B HJ17ex6. 2B HJ14ex4. 3B with 2x Extender HJ15ex8. 5B with 2x Extender with 2x Extender with 2x Extender with 2x Extender The Canon drive unit integrates a variety of operations, stored digitally, that can be manipulated using the display. Shuttle Shot By memorizing any two focal lengths, the Canon drive unit can automatically "shuttle" between two points, moving in either direction. As an example, this function is effective for shots in which an operator wants to start from a wide angle and then zoom in rapidly on to an object. [ Basic ] Image Stabilized 15x WIDER RANGE IS with VAP CANON HJ18x28B with 2x Extender ■Digital Functions HDT V ZO OM Telephoto SUPER TELEPHOTO 40x with Image Stabilizer HJ40x10B with 2x Extender LE ULTRA 40x with ImageTELEPHOTO Stabilizer NS HJ40x14B with 2x Extender HJ 18 ex ■Saved Power Consumption 7 . 6 B 7. 6 ■Highest Magnification and Longest Focal Length in its Class (As of January 1. 2014) With 18x zoom, the HJ18ex7. 6B lens has the highest magnification in its class, and its 137 mm tele focal length is also the longest in its class – thus enhancing the camera operator’s possibility to express images. Combining optical design technology and cutting-edge optical simulation technology accumulated by Canon over several decades, this lens maintains excellent camera balance in terms of overall length and weight while also delivering expanded specifications. Frame Preset Preset Frame1: Frame2: ZSpeed: Speed Preset Focus Zoom 800 60 137 An angle of view can be preset in either of two memories and the lens will zoom at the highest speed, or in a preset zoom speed, to the preset position with the push of a simple button. As an example, this function is effective for situations such as interview programs, where it is necessary to switch between bust shot and wide shot. 2 3 10 5 50 ∞m MAIN FEATURES ft ■Minimum Object Distance (MOD) in its Class (As of January 1. [. . . ] The total length is 206. 2 mm, and the weight is 1. 58 kg (IRSE) - this enhances the mobility and enables the camera operators to shoot comfortably. Preset Frame1: Frame2: ZSpeed: Zoom Zoom 500 SPECIFICATIONS HJ18ex7. 6B Built-in Extender Zoom Ratio Local Length Maximum Relative Aperture Angular Field of View M. O. D. Mass Specially designed optical lens elements Object Dimensions with Macro at M. O. D. [. . . ]


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