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[. . . ] (Broadcast Equipment Group) 23-10, Kiyohara-Kogyo-Danchi, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi-ken, 321-3298, Japan Tel:+81(0)28-667-8669 Fax:+81(0)28-667-8672 http://www. canon. com/bctv Canada Canon Canada, Inc. Broadcast and Communications Div. 6390 Dixie Road Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 1P7, Canada Tel:(905)795-2012 Fax:(905)795-2140 Chicago 100 Park Blvd. [. . . ] Canon HDxs series lenses employ the HD version of the Power Optical System, which incorporates the X-Element. HDxs greatly contributes to correcting and minimizing these aberrations at the same time, maintaining high MTF throughout the edge of the picture (graph 2). 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 0. 02 Zoom Ratio 21x Dynamic Zoom Speed Range Zoom Speed from 0. 5sec. (From wide end to tele end) MTF(%) SPECIFICATIONS NTSC 400TVL (30lp/mm) HDTV 600TVL (55lp/mm) F1. 6 HJ21ei7. 5B Built-in extender 1. 0i Zoom Arrio Range of Focal Length 7. 5ȁ158mm 16:9 2. 0i 1. 0i 21i 15. 0ȁ316mm 6. 2ȁ130mm SWITCHABLE 4:3 1. 2i 2. 4i 0. 01 0. 01 Defocus(mm) <Graph 1> 100% 0. 02 0 7. 5ȁ158mm 15. 0ȁ316mm 1:3. 8 at 15. 6ȁ232. 0mm 1:5. 2 at 316mm 27. 0Ⴆi20. 4Ⴆ at 15. 0mm 1. 30Ⴆi1. 00Ⴆ at 316mm HD NTSC MTF Maximum Relative Aperture Angular Field of View 0 Center Middle Corner Edge Image Hight 1:1. 9 at 7. 5ȁ116. 0mm 1:3. 8 at 15. 0ȁ232. 0mm 1:2. 6 at 158mm 1:5. 2 at 316mm 65. 2Ⴆi39. 6Ⴆ at 7. 5mm 35. 5Ⴆi20. 4Ⴆ at 15. 0mm 3. 50Ⴆi2. 00Ⴆ at 158mm 1. 70Ⴆi1. 00Ⴆ at 316mm 1:1. 9 at 6. 2ȁ116. 0mm 1:1. 9 at 7. 5ȁ116. 0mm 1:2. 15 at 130mm 1:2. 6 at 158mm 60. 8Ⴆi47. 5Ⴆ at 6. 2mm 51. 3Ⴆi39. 6Ⴆ at 7. 5mm 3. 20Ⴆi2. 40Ⴆ at 130mm 2. 60Ⴆi2. 00Ⴆ at 158mm Enhanced Digital Drive <Graph 2> Minimum object Distance (M. O. D) Object Demensions at M. O. D Approx. Mass (IRSE/IASE) 0. 85m (10mm with Macro) 120. 4i67. 7cm at 7. 5mm 60. 2i33. 9cm at 15. 0mm 110. 1i82. 6cm at 6. 2mm 89. 3i67. 0cm at 7. 5mm 44. 7i33. 5cm at 15. 0mm 5. 60i3. 20cm at 158mm 2. 80i1. 60cm at 316mm 5. 10i3. 80cm at 130mm 4. 20i3. 20cm at 158mm 2. 10i1. 60cm at 316mm WiHiL = 179. 9i122. 3i260. 1 mm 2. 63Kg (5. 81lbs) / 2. 73Kg (6. 03lbs) All lenses are equipped with an informational display and Digital Function Selector, an X-Y axis switch, so that the user can customize the enhanced digital functions much more easily and precisely. This new design enables the user to fully bring out the digital functions. Main Featur es Shuttle Shot By memorizing any two focal lengths, the Digital Drive can automatically "shuttle" between the two points, moving in either direction. DIMENSIONS Framing Preset An angle of view can be preset in either of two memories and the lens will zoom to that position by pushing a simple button. During a performance, framing preset will reproduce the zoom position decided upon at the rehearsal. It's easy to repeat the same zoom as often as you like at the highest speed or in a preset zoom speed. Speed Preset A specific zoom speed can be preset in memory and it is possible to repeat the zoom speed as often as you like by pushing a simple button. CONNECTOR FOR ZOOM REMOTE & FOCUS REMOTE & VIRTUAL UNIT (20 PIN) HJ21ex7. 5B IRSE/IASE (Unit:mm) Momentary Iris Switch Return Switch Display Switch Digital Function Selector Rotary Encoder Canon offers a complete series of eHDxs lenses, which are equipped with an enhanced digital drive unit. Conventional potentiometers are analog positional sensors capable of only 8-10 bit equivalent resolution. Thus virtual ENG studio systems called for an optional Encoder Unit to be put on the zoom and focus ring of the lens. With the introduction of 16 bit resolution Rotary Encoder Devices built into the new enhanced digital drive unit, the lens can simply be integrated into a virtual digital studio system without any additions. Canon's unique technology has made the Encoder Device surprisingly small to be installed in the existing drive unit without changes in size or weight. Informational Display Canon’s Philosophy Canon has always developed new technology with four basic philosophies, "High Quality of Picture", "Ease of Operation", "High Specification" and "Minimize Environmental Impact". Canon's HDTV lenses are, so to speak, a compilation of our basic philosophies. Canon is the only manufacturer to offer a complete line of HDTV lenses to match our customers requirements. Complete "Customer Satisfaction" is our goal. VTR switch [Aux2]switch for enhanced operation [Aux1]switch for enhanced operation Memory Switch Overall Comparison Between HDTV and SDTV Whereas one frame of the conventional SDTV (ie NTSC) system consists of 480 scanning lines, the number of scanning lines is more than 1. 5 times that for the HDTV system. [. . . ] Bovenkerkerweg 59-61 1185 XB Amstelveen Tel:+31(0)20-5458905 Fax:+31(0)20-5458203 Email:tvprod@canon-europe. com http://www. canon-europe. com/tv-products Atlanta 5625 Oakbrook Pkwy. Norcross, GA 30093 Tel:(770)849-7890 Fax:(770)849-7888 Los Angeles 15955 Alton Parkway lrvine, CA 92618 Tel:(949)753-4330 Fax:(949)753-4337 Dallas 3200 Regent Blvd. [. . . ]


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