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[. . . ] This product should be handed over to a designated collection point, e. g. , on an authorized one-for-one basis when you buy a new similar product or to an authorized collection site for recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and batteries and accumulators. Improper handling of this type of waste could have a possible impact on the environment and human health due to potentially hazardous substances that are generally associated with EEE. Your cooperation in the correct disposal of this product will contribute to the effective usage of natural resources. For more information about the recycling of this product, please contact your local city office, waste authority, approved scheme or your household waste disposal service or visit www. canon-europe. com/environment. [. . . ] Based on the following options, movies in the built-in memory will be converted and then copied to the memory card. Video quality before conversion (&) AVCHD MP4 Video quality after conversion ( ) 50P MXP, FXP, LP - 35 Mbps 24 Mbps, 17 Mbps 4 Mbps Cannot be converted. If you convert AVCHD movies with a frame rate of 50i, the frame rate of the resulting MP4 movie will be 25P. Saving Recordings on a Computer Movies recorded with this camcorder are saved in the built-in memory (:/9/8 only) or on a memory card. Because space is limited, make sure to save your recordings on a computer on a regular basis. This section explains how to save your recordings on a computer using a USB connection. Use the supplied software Transfer Utility LE for AVCHD movies and the supplied software ImageBrowser EX for MP4 movies. :/9/8 Refer to Wi-Fi Functions (A 119) for details on saving your recordings wirelessly. Y OP C Saving AVCHD Movies (Windows only) With the software Transfer Utility LE, you can save to your computer the scenes you have recorded. Download the software and install it before you connect the camcorder to the computer for the first time. Perform the following procedures while referring to the supplied ?Transfer Utility LE Startup Guide?. 108 External Connections POINTS TO CHECK ?Before installing the software, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. Visit the PIXELA?s site to download the zip file, which contains the software and instruction manual. The zip file contains the installer (setup. exe) and the Software Guide (PDF file). Operation may not work correctly depending on the specifications/settings of your computer. If you wish to use the recordings on your computer, make copies of them first. The following types of MP4 scenes will be recognized as multiple files on other devices. - Scenes exceeding 4 GB - Scenes recorded at 35 Mbps exceeding 30 minutes - Scenes recorded at a video quality other than 35 Mbps exceeding 1 hour ?Users of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS X: Your camcorder is equipped with the standard Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) allowing you to transfer photos (JPEG only) simply by connecting the camcorder to a computer using the supplied USB cable, without having to install the supplied software ImageBrowser EX. Y OP C 112 External Connections :/9/8 Memory Save: Saving an Entire Memory onto an External Hard Drive You can easily save all the movies and photos you recorded onto a commercially available external hard drive connected directly to the camcorder*. You can also use the camcorder to play back your recordings directly from the hard drive. Initialize the hard drive (A 115) when you use it with this camcorder for the first time. * If the USB cable supplied with the external hard drive has a standard-A connector, you will need to use the optional UA-100 USB Adapter. Operating modes: SCN Saving a Memory onto an External Hard Drive 1 Power the camcorder using the compact power adapter. 3 Connect the camcorder to the external hard drive using the optional UA-100 USB Adapter. C 4 Save the entire contents of the desired [Save to Hard Drive] > Desired memory > [Yes]* > [OK] * Touch [Stop] > [Yes] > [OK] to interrupt the operation while it is in progress. ?After selecting the memory, you can check the name of the folder that will be created on the hard drive. Every memory save operation will create a separate memory save folder with the date (in numerical form) used as the folder name; up to 10 memory save folders can be created for any given date and up to 300 memory save folders can be saved on a single hard drive. External Connections 113 Before disconnecting the external hard drive Before turning off or physically disconnecting the external hard drive, be sure to safely end the connection to the camcorder to avoid damage to your files. [. . . ] Exif Print is a standard for enhancing the communication between camcorders and printers. By connecting to an Exif Print-compliant printer, the camcorder?s image data at the time of shooting is used and optimized, yielding extremely high quality prints. ?Recording Media - :/9/8 Built-in memory: : 32 GB, 9/8 8 GB - SD, SDHC (SD High Capacity) or SDXC (SD eXtended Capacity) memory card (not included) Y OP C ?Maximum Recording Time : 32 GB built-in memory AVCHD movies: 50P: 2 hr. [. . . ]


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