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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] ScanGear CS (25 MB) - Scanner Driver It allows you to scan and load images from the scanner. CanoScan Toolbox (15 MB) - Scanning Utility Program It makes it easy to scan images and save or print them as well as create e-mail attachments or PDF files. ArcSoft PhotoStudio (35 MB) - Image Editing Program It allows you to load images from the scanner, edit and retouch them, and apply special effects and enhancements. ScanSoft OmniPage SE* (90 MB) - OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Program It converts characters scanned from a book, magazine or newspaper into text data for editing or digital transmission. [. . . ] Click [Yes] if you accept the terms. 4 Click [Start Installation]. You will install five software programs and the Scanning Guide (HTML format manual). 5 The installation procedure will start. Follow the on-screen message prompts and click [Next] or [Yes] to continue the installation. Follow the on-screen messages to restart and resume installation. 6 When the installation is complete, click [Yes]. The computer will restart. 7 After Windows restarts, remove the CD-ROM from the drive and store it in a safe place. 4 Unlock the Scanning Unit · Unlock the scanning unit before connecting the scanner to the computer. · Do not tilt the scanner more than 90 degrees from horizontal when releasing the lock. · When locking the scanner, do not lift up the back and tilt the front (scanner button location) downward. You may be unable to set the lock. 1 Peel the seals off the scanner. 2 Gently turn the scanner over. 3 Slide the lock switch toward the unlock mark ( Lock Switch ). Unlock Mark 4 Return the scanner to a horizontal position. · When carrying or transporting the scanner, always lock the scanning unit by sliding the lock switch toward the lock mark ( ). 5 English Unlock the Scanning Unit Connect the Scanner Connect the Scanner 1 Connect the scanner to the computer with the supplied USB interface cable. USB Connector Wide Flat Connector Small Square Connector USB Interface Cable 2 Attach the supplied AC adapter to the scanner. AC Adapter · The scanner does not have a power switch. · Only use the USB interface cable and the AC adapter provided with the scanner. · When the scanner is connected to the USB 1. 1 port on Windows XP, do not worry if the "HI-SPEED USB Device Plugged into non-HI-SPEED USB Hub" message appears. You can operate the scanner in this condition without problems. 6 Try Scanning The following steps explain how to scan with ArcSoft PhotoStudio. 1 Place a photo or a picture on the glass by aligning its top edge with the alignment mark, and close the document cover. Bottom Top Alignment Mark 2 Select [Start], [Programs] or [All Programs], [ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5. 5] and [PhotoStudio 5. 5]. PhotoStudio will start. 7 English Try Scanning Try Scanning 3 Click the [File] menu and choose [Select Source]. · You do not need to set it from the second time onward with the same scanner. · You will need to do this step if you select a different scanner or a digital camera. Select your scanner model name and click the [Select] button . 4 Click the Acquire icon and select [Acquire]. ScanGear CS will start. or click the [File] menu 5 Select [Select Source]. You can select from the following options. (Some mail programs are required to set the MAPI function on. ) · Please refer to the Scanning Guide (HTML format manual) for instructions to change the scanner button settings. 10 Scanning Film You can scan 35 mm film (film strip or slides) with this scanner. Film Strip Slides Positioning the Film Use the following procedures to insert the film into the Film Guide built into the document cover. 1 Remove the protective sheet from the document cover. Slide the protective sheet up to remove it. When you finish scanning, put the protective sheet back by aligning it with the grooves in the document cover and sliding it downward into place. · Always put the protective sheet back when you are not scanning film to protect the light source in the document cover. · You can purchase the Accessory Kit for CanoScan 4200F (CSAK-4200F) if the protective sheet or Film Guide are lost or damaged. 2 Remove the Film Guide from the document cover. Hold the document cover so that it doesn't close, then press down and hold the lever at the Film Guide's top left and tilt the Film Guide outward and lift it up. 11 English Scanning Film Scanning Film 3 Insert a fingernail into the slot in the Film Guide and open the Film Holder. 4 Insert the film into the Film Guide. · Hold the film by the edges with your fingertips to avoid getting fingerprints or dirt on the film surface. · Use a blower brush to remove any dust from the film, document glass or light source unit. · Do not block the calibration slot on the Film Guide when you are scanning film. Colors will not be scanned correctly if the calibration slot is obstructed. Film Strip Slides Calibration Slot Calibration Slot · Ensure that there is no gap between the edge of the film and the Film Guide on the side near the calibration slot. Press lightly above the three slots until it clicks into place. Scanning Curled Film When curled film is scanned, extra light will enter through any gaps and produce bands of color around the edges of the scanned image. If this occurs, use the supplied shield to hold down the film and block the light as shown in the figure. 12 Scanning Film 5 Return the Film Guide to the document cover. English Hold the document cover and insert the bottom edge of the Film Guide into the bottom groove in the document cover, and then tilt the top of the Film Guide up into the document cover until it locks securely into place with a click. 6 Close the document cover. When you close the document cover, check the document glass to ensure that there are no photographs or documents left upon it. 13 Scanning Film Scanning Film The following steps explain how to scan the film with ArcSoft PhotoStudio. 1 Start ArcSoft PhotoStudio. Refer to step 2 on page 7. 2 Start ScanGear CS. Refer to step 4 on page 8. 3 Select the [Select Source]. You can select from the following options for films. USB 2. 0 Hi-Speed, USB (USB 1. 1 equivalent) A4/Letter: 216 x 297 mm 35 mm strip (negative/positive)/4 frames 35 mm slide (negative/positive)/2 frames *4 4 buttons: COPY, SCAN, PDF, E-MAIL 10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F) 10% to 90% RH, 20% to 80% RH when scanning film (without condensation formation) AC adapter (100/120/230/240V) *5 In operation: 17. 8 watts maximum, Stand-by: 7 watts (Using supplied AC adapter) 259 x 473 x 81 mm Approximately 2. 8 kg Humidity 16 bit output supported for film scanning only. [. . . ] *5 AC adapter type varies according to the region in which the scanner is purchased. · Specifications are subject to change without notice. Upgrading to USB 2. 0 To upgrade a computer to the USB 2. 0 standard, please use one the following USB expansion cards/hubs that have been verified by Canon for compatibility. Expansion Cards · Adaptec USB2connect 5100: PCI bus · Adaptec USB2connect 3100LP: PCI bus · Adaptec USB2connect 2000LP: PCI bus · Adaptec DuoConnect: PCI bus Hubs · Adaptec XHUB4 · Adaptec XHUB4PLUS · Adaptec XHUB7PLUS For installation procedures, please read the instructions that accompany the USB expansion card/hub. · After upgrading to Windows XP, reinstall ScanGear CS and CanoScan Toolbox according to the steps on page 4. 16 System Information This form should be used to record the operating environment for the purchased scanner. [. . . ]


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