User manual CANON IMAGEPRESS A1300/A2300/A3300 BROCHURE

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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] The high-performance imagePRESS servers for the Canon imagePRESS C7010VP/C6010VP/C6010 are scalable, easy-to-use, boost productivity, and allow you to produce professional-looking finished jobs that win new business and get you noticed. you can Increases Your Profits by Boosting Productivity Fiery technology increases your profits by delivering impactful documents with vibrant images and colour that exceed your customers’ expectations and allow you to provide new, high-value services. [. . . ] These tools, together with the server’s advanced queue management, increase productivity and profitability. An interactive visual user interface on the Fiery Command WorkStation makes it easy for administrators to monitor, control and troubleshoot production from multiple desktops, or locally at the Fiery server. Features such as Hot Folder and Virtual Printers automate repetitive tasks to reduce waste and errors. • Support Windows and Macintosh clients through the Fiery Command WorkStation . for native end-to-end • Support the Adobe PDF Print Engine v2and flexibility from design PDF workflow – improving consistency ® ® ® to print. Specifications: imagePRESS A3300, A2300, A1300 imagePRESS A3300 HARDWARE imagePRESS A2300 PRO 90 imagePRESS A1300 Canon imagePRESS C6010 PRO 80 Supported Engines Fiery Platform Processor Relative Performance Primary Markets RAM HDD DVD-RW/CD-RW Fiery Integrated Workstation Removable HD Dimensions software Canon imagePRESS C7010VP/ C6010VP/ C6010 QX 100 Intel® Hex Core Xeon X5660 2. 8 GHz Intel® Quad Core i7 860 2. 8 GHz Intel® Core i5 660 3. 33 GHz High Volume Commercial Printers Digital Printers 4 GB 1 x 250 GB HD for OS / 2 x 500 GB HD for Data Mid Volume Digital Printers Print for Pay 3 GB 500 GB Low Volume In-Plant/CRDs Graphic Design P   576 mm(H) x 212 mm(W) x 588 mm(D) P   488mm(H) x 212mm(W) x 482mm(D) P   Fiery System 10 Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition SeeQuence Impose SeeQuence Compose P P P P P  P    P P References:  P standard  option Auto-Count, BioVu, BioWare, ColorWise, Command WorkStation, Digital StoreFront, DocBuilder, DocBuilder Pro, DocStream, EDOX, the EFI logo, Electronics For Imaging, Fabrivu, Fiery, the Fiery logo, Inkware, Jetrion, MicroPress, OneFlow, PressVu, Printellect, PrinterSite, PrintFlow, PrintMe, PrintSmith Site, Prograph, RIP-While-Print, UltraVu and VUTEk are registered trademarks of Electronics for Imaging, Inc. BESTColor is a registered trademark of Electronics for Imaging GmbH in the U. S. [. . . ] All other terms and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners, and are hereby acknowledged. [. . . ]


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