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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] CAUTION: DISCONNECT THE MAINS PLUG FROM THE SUPPLY SOCKET WHEN NOT IN USE. The Mains plug shall remain readily operable to disconnect the plug in case of an accident. While using the compact power adapter, do not wrap it or cover it with a piece of cloth, and do not place it in confined narrow spaces. Heat may build up, the plastic case may deform and it could result in electric shock or fire. [. . . ] A series of still images will be recorded as long as you hold the button pressed down. Options [ SINGLE] Records a single still image. AUTO EXPOSURE BRACKETING Press PHOTO , first halfway to activate the autofocus and then fully to record the still image. Three still images in different exposures will be recorded on the memory card. NOTES The speed and maximum number of continuous shots is as follows. 1. 7 images/second - Maximum number of shots: 60 still images These figures are approximate and vary with the recording conditions and subjects. The actual number of images per second will be lower when " " (camcorder shake warning) is displayed on the screen. Default value Advanced Functions [ CONT. SHOOT. ] (High-Speed Continuous Shooting) Captures a series of still images as long as you hold PHOTO pressed down. [ AEB] (Auto Exposure Bracketing) The camcorder records a still image in three different exposures (dark, normal, light in 1/2 EV steps), allowing you to choose the shot you like the best. 56 Other Functions Other Functions Other Functions FUNC. ( 21) Using the CUSTOM Key You can assign to the CUSTOM key one of four frequently used functions. You can then activate the selected function using the CUSTOM key, without having to access any menu. ( 8) FUNC. MENU SYSTEM SETUP CUSTOM KEY FUNC. Desired option Press CUSTOM to turn on/off the selected function. Options [ OFF] No function is assigned. [ ASST. FUNC. ] (Mode switch: ) Default value On-Screen Displays The camcorder keeps a data code containing the date and time and other camera data (shutter speed, aperture, etc. ) registered at the time of recording. You can select the data to be displayed. Repeatedly press CUSTOM to turn on/off the assist functions ( 41), which make sure you adjust the focus and exposure correctly. You can also set [AF AST LAMP] to [ OFF] so the assist lamp does not light up. - The camcorder may not be able to focus even if the AF-assist lamp is on. 8) Options (auto) Default value The flash fires automatically according to the brightness of the subject. (red-eye reduction, auto) The assist lamp lights up to reduce the red-eye effect. The flash fires automatically according to the brightness of the subject. (flash off) The flash does not fire. 1 If the joystick guide does not appear 2 Push the joystick ( ) toward . on screen, press ( ) to display it. If does not appear on the joystick guide, repeatedly push the joystick ( ) toward [NEXT] to display the joystick guide in the illustration above. · Repeatedly push the joystick ( ) toward to cycle between the flash modes. · The display disappears after 4 seconds. Other Functions 59 - The brightness of the AF-assist lamp could be an inconvenience. Consider turning it off in public places such as restaurants or theaters. Self Timer POINTS TO CHECK Mini Video Light You can turn on the mini video light (assist lamp) at any time regardless of the recording program. ( 8) ( : Set the camcorder in record pause mode. FUNC. ( 21) 8) FUNC. MENU CAMERA SETUP SELF TIMER Press LIGHT . · Press LIGHT again to turn the mini video light off. FUNC. ON appears. : Advanced Functions TO USE THE OPTIONAL VL-3 VIDEO LIGHT You can attach the optional VL-3 Video Light to the advanced accessory shoe if you want a more powerful video light the built-in mini video light. [. . . ] This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories. Canon shall not be liable for any damage to this product and/or accidents such as fire, etc. , caused by the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories (e. g. , a leakage and/or explosion of a battery pack). Please note that this warranty does not apply to repairs arising out of the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories, although you may request such repairs on a chargeable basis. Battery Packs When you need extra battery packs, select one of the following models: BP-2L13, BP-2L14, NB-2LH, BP-2L24H. CB-2LWE Battery Charger Use the battery charger for charging the battery packs. Battery Pack NB-2LH BP-2L13 BP-2L14 BP-2L24H Charging Time* 90 min. 330 min. Additional Information * Charging time varies according to the charging condition. TL-H43 Tele-converter This Tele-converter lens increases the focal length of the camcorder lens by a factor of 1. 7. [. . . ]


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