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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] The Mains plug shall remain readily operable to disconnect the plug in case of an accident. While using the compact power adapter, do not wrap it or cover it with a piece of cloth, and do not place it in confined narrow spaces. Heat may build up, the plastic case may deform and it could result in electric shock or fire. Using any device other than the Compact Power Adapter CA-570 may damage the camcorder. European Union (and EEA) only. [. . . ] ] (High-Speed Continuous Shooting) Captures a series of photos as long as you hold PHOTO pressed down. [ AEB] (Auto Exposure Bracketing) The camcorder records a photo in three different exposures (dark, normal, light in 1/2 EV steps), allowing you to choose the shot you like the best. FUNC. ( POINTS TO CHECK 23) [ SINGLE] Desired option FUNC. Select a recording program other than [ FIREWORKS]. CONTINUOUS SHOOTING/ HIGH-SPEED CONTINUOUS SHOOTING 1 Press PHOTO halfway to activate the autofocus. A series of photos will be recorded as long as you hold the button pressed. Maximum number of continuous shots Number of photos per second Normal speed High speed 2. 5 photos 4. 1 photos Maximum number of continuous shots LW 1152 x 648, L 1152 x 864 S 640 x 480 10 photos 20 photos These figures are approximate and vary with the recording conditions and subjects. The actual number of frames per second will be lower when the shutter speed is 1/25 or slower. 63 Photos AUTO EXPOSURE BRACKETING Press PHOTO , first halfway to activate the autofocus and then fully to record the photos. Three photos in different exposures will be recorded. Protecting Photos You can protect photos from accidental erasure. ( 23) Protecting Single Photos Histogram Display When viewing photos you can display the histogram and the icons of all the functions used at the time of recording. Use the histogram as a reference to verify the correct exposure of the photo. 1 Open the photo selection screen. twice to close the menu. ( 23) 4 The area to the right of the histogram represents highlights and the left side represents shadows. A photo whose histogram skews to the right is relatively bright; while one whose histogram peaks to the left, is relatively dark. Pixel Count Protecting Photos from the Index Screen Options [INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS] Single Photos ( Highlights Opens the same screen described in Protecting 64). [SELECTED PHOTOS] Protects all the photos selected in advance (marked with a checkmark). Refer to Pre- Shadows NOTES The histogram will appear also after recording a photo, while reviewing it within the time set for the [REVIEW] option. [REMOVE ALL SELECTIONS] Removes the protection from all photos. 64 FUNC. [ PROTECT] Desired option FUNC. [SELECTED PHOTOS] [YES] [OK] Copies all the photos selected in advance (marked with a checkmark). For best performance, we recommend keeping the number of photos on the memory card under 100. Disconnect the USB cable before changing the operating mode. Press . · To continue printing, select ( ) another photo. Selecting the Print Settings You can select the number of copies and other settings for printing. The setting options vary depending on your printer model. · · ( 23) · · · 67 Photos Options [PAPER] [ PAPER SIZE]: Available paper sizes vary depending on the printer model. [ PAGE LAYOUT]: Select [DEFAULT], [BORDERED] or one of the following page layouts. [BORDERLESS]: The photo is enlarged and may be slightly cropped at the edges to fit the paper. [2-UP], [4-UP], [8-UP], [9-UP], [16-UP]: Refer to the sidebar on page 69. The print settings menu appears. Paper settings Current paper settings (paper size, paper type and page layout) Number of copies Print effect Date printing 3 4 5 Select [ON], [OFF] or [DEFAULT]. Available only with printers compatible with the Image Optimize function. Canon inkjet/SELPHY DS printers: You can also select [VIVID], [NR] and [VIVID+NR]. [ ] (Number of copies) Select 1-99 copies. In the print settings menu, select ( , ) the setting you want to change and press . [. . . ] Please note that this warranty does not apply to repairs arising out of the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories, although you may request such repairs on a chargeable basis. Battery Packs When you need extra battery packs, make sure you select the BP-808. When you use battery packs bearing the Intelligent System mark, the camcorder will communicate with the battery and display the remaining usage time (accurate to 1 minute). You can only use and charge these battery packs with camcorders and chargers compatible with Intelligent System. CG-800E Battery Charger Use the battery charger to charge the battery packs. Charging Times The charging times given in the following table are approximate and vary according to charging conditions and initial charge of the battery pack. Charging conditions Using the camcorder Using the CG-800E Battery Charger Charging time 140 min. * 105 min. * When the camcorder charges an exhausted battery pack for the first 20 minutes, it can be used for 3 times longer than it was charged. In other words, you can record with the camcorder for 60 minutes after a 20-minute charge. 109 Additional Information Recording and Playback Times The recording and playback times given in the following table are approximate and vary according to recording mode and charging, recording or playback conditions. [. . . ]


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