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[. . . ] For Users in the UK When replacing the fuse only a correctly rated approved type should be used and be sure to re-fit the fuse cover. CHANGING THE FUSE THE MAINS LEAD ON THIS PRODUCT IS FITTED WITH A NON-REWIREABLE (MOULDED) PLUG, INCORPORATING A 3 AMP FUSE. SHOULD THE FUSE NEED TO BE REPLACED AN ASTA OR BSI APPROVED BS1362 FUSE OF THE SAME RATING MUST BE USED. CHANGING THE PLUG IF THE FITTED PLUG IS NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUR SOCKET OUTLETS, IT SHOULD BE CUT OFF AND AN APPROPRIATE PLUG FITTED IN ITS PLACE. [. . . ] Depending on how you attach the microphone, it may pick up some vibration noise. 1. Place the microphone into the microphone clamp and tighten the clamp screw. · Position the microphone so that it does not appear on the camcorder's LCD or viewfinder screen. 3. Turn the camcorder's power on. · C (connection) appears on the camcorder's LCD or viewfinder screen when the camcorder is in record or record pause mode. · The camcorder's built-in microphone automatically turns off. Notes: · The accessory shoe of the microphone adapter is for exclusive use with microphones attached to a camera-mount. · To output video signals via the BNC connector, connect the supplied video cable to the VIDEO IN terminal and the camcorder's AV terminal. 73 Adjusting the Exposure Manually E EXP 1. Press the EXP dial in. · An arrow appears next to the shutter speed value. Recording shutter speed iris 3. Pull the EXP dial up or down to increase or decrease the shutter speed. · You can select between 30 shutter speeds (1/6 to 1/16000) in TAPE CAMERA mode and 15 shutter speeds (1/50 to 1/700) in CARD CAMERA mode. · See "About the Shutter Speeds" ( 75). no display gain 4. Press the EXP dial in. · The arrow moves next to the F number. 5. Pull the EXP dial up or down to open or close the iris. · You can select between 19 aperture values (f/1. 6 to f/8) in TAPE CAMERA mode and 17 aperture values (f/2. 0 to 1/8) in CARD CAMERA mode, or close the iris completely. Press the EXP dial in. · The arrow moves to the gain value. 7. Although slight variations are unavoidable, colours will appear natural in virtually every situation. In some cases, you will get better results by setting the white balance yourself, or using one of the two preset modes: W. BALANCE SELECT x Indoor Mode · Under halogen or studio/video lighting · Subject is of one dominant colour · Close-ups UOutdoor mode · In daylight, especially for close-ups and when the subject is of one dominant colour Recording TAPE + CAMERA , CARD + CAMERA 1. BALANCE SELECT button. · x/U appears in the display when you set the white balance to the indoor/outdoor mode. b) For setting the white balance manually: q Point the camcorder at a white object (such as a sheet of paper) and zoom in until it fills the display. · W flashes quickly in the display and then remains lit, to show that the camcorder has set the white balance. · Depending on the light source, the flashing may at times change to a slower speed, rather than remaining lit. The result will remain better than with the auto setting, and you can continue recording. 78 Setting the white balance manually will probably work better than auto white balance when shooting: Subjects with one dominant colour, such as sky, sea or forest E Close-ups In rapidly changing lighting conditions Recording In places lit by certain types of fluorescent or mercury vapor lights Notes: · Turn the digital zoom off (if necessary) to set a more accurate white balance. · If the lighting conditions change, reset the white balance by first returning to the auto setting, and then reselecting the manual balance. Correct white balance cannot be obtained for two types of lighting at once. · You cannot set the white balance manually or use the indoor/outdoor modes when the program selector is set to the [ (Easy Recording) program. · The camcorder returns to auto white balance when the program selector is set to [ (Easy Recording). · When you turn the camcorder on, the white balance returns to auto white balance. [. . . ] Audio dubbing not possible ( 106). CHECK THE CASSETTE [BLANK] Camcorder detected a blank section on the tape. Audio dubbing or AV insert not possible ( 103, 106). HEADS DIRTY, USE CLEANING CASSETTE Displayed immediately after you start recording when the video heads are dirty. Clean the video heads ( 139). COPYRIGHT PROTECTED PLAYBACK IS RESTRICTED You attempted to playback a copyright protected tape ( 98). Additional Information 151 E COPYRIGHT PROTECTED DUBBING RESTRICTED You attempted to copy a copyright protected tape. May also be displayed when an anomalous signal is sent during Analog Line-in recording ( 98, 99). Memory Card Caution Phrases Memory card not inserted into the camcorder ( NO CARD 113). THE CARD IS SET FOR ERASURE PREVENTION The SD Memory Card is set for erasure prevention. [. . . ]


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