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[. . . ] / S. A. Bessenveldstraat 7, B - 1831 Diegem, Belgium Tel. : (02) 722. 04. 11 Fax: (02) 721. 32. 74 Helpdesk : 0900-10627 http://www. canon. be Portugal SEQUE SOC. NAC. EQUIP. , LDA. Pr. Alegria, 58-2° C, 1269-149 Lisboa, Portugal Tel: +0121 324 28 30 Fax: +0121 347 27 51 http://www. seque. pt CANON LUXEMBOURG S. A. Rue des Joncs 21, L-1818 Howald, Luxembourg Tel. : (0352) 48 47 961 Fax: (0352) 48 47 96232 Helpdesk : 900-74100 http://www. canon. lu Eastern Europe CANON CEE GMBH Oberlaaerstr 233, A-1100 Wien, Austria Tel. : +43 1 680 88-0 Fax: +43 1 680 88-422 Camera User Guide CIS CANON NEDERLAND N. V. Neptunusstraat 1, 2132 JA Hoofddorp, The Netherlands Tel. : 023 - 5 670 123 Fax: 023 - 5 670 124 Helpdesk: 023 - 5 681 681 http://www. canon. nl CANON NORTH-EAST OY Huopalahdentie 24, 00350 Helsinki, Finland Tel. : +358 10 544 20 Fax: +358 10 544 10 http://www. canon. ru Please read the Read This First section (p. Please refer to the Software Starter Guide for information on installing the software and downloading images. Please also read the printer user guide included with your Canon printer. CEL-SD9HA210 © 2003 CANON INC. PRINTED IN THE EU Flowchart and Reference Guides This digital camera is designed to perform optimally when used with genuine Canon-brand digital camera accessories ("Canon Brand Accessories"). [. . . ] The final image will appear unnatural if the contrast in brightness is too great. · To shoot landscapes, swivel (pan) the camera around its own vertical axis. 73 · To shoot close-ups, slide the camera over the subject, keeping it parallel to the subject as you move it. Shooting Images can be shot in two sequences in Stitch Assist. Left to right horizontally Right to left horizontally 1 In the (Rec. ) menu, select and press the SET button. See Selecting Menus and Settings (p. 44). 2 Use the button to select the sequence direction and press the SET button. Pressing the MENU button returns to the Rec. menu screen. 3 Shoot the first frame in the sequence. The exposure and white balance are set and locked with the first image. 74 4 Compose the second image so that it overlaps a portion of the first and shoot. · Use the button to check or retake the recorded images. · Minor discrepancies in the overlapping portions can be corrected when the images are stitched together. 5 6 Repeat the procedure for additional images. A sequence may contain up to 26 images. Press the SET button after the last shot. Pressing the MENU button returns to the Rec. menu screen. Shooting · A custom white balance setting cannot be set in Stitch Assist. To use a custom white balance setting, set it before selecting in the Rec. · The settings for the first image are used to take subsequent images in the sequence. · It is not possible to display images on the TV when shooting in Stitch Assist. 192). 75 Locking the Focus (AF Lock) It may be difficult to focus on the following types of subjects. · Subjects with extremely low contrast to the surroundings · Subjects with extremely bright objects at the center of the composition · Subjects that are moving quickly · Subjects through glass: Try to shoot as close to the glass as possible to reduce the chances of light reflecting back off the glass. Shooting with the Focus Lock Method 1 1 2 3 Method 2 Aim the camera so that an object at the same focal distance as the main subject is centered in the AF frame in the viewfinder or LCD monitor. It evaluates complex lighting conditions, such as the position of the subject, the brightness, the direct light, and the backlighting, and adjusts the settings to the correct exposure for the main subject. Averages the light metered from the entire frame, but gives greater weight to the subject matter at the center. Meters the area within the spot AE point at the center Spot AE Point of the LCD monitor. Use this mode when the subject Shooting Evaluative Light Metering CenterWeighted Averaging is backlit or surrounded by strong light. 1 Press the button to switch between metering modes. The selected metering mode appears on the LCD monitor. 81 Adjusting the Exposure Compensation Adjust the exposure compensation setting to avoid making the subject too dark when it is backlit or shot against a bright background or to avoid making lights appear too bright in night shots. 1 In the FUNC. menu, select * The current setting is displayed. *. See Selecting Menus and Settings (p. 44). 2 Use the button to adjust the exposure compensation. · The settings can be adjusted in 1/3 steps in the range -2 to +2. · You can confirm the effect of the setting in the LCD monitor when it is on. The menu displays again after the shot, allowing you to change the settings easily. 3 Return the setting to 0. Press the FUNC. button. To reset the exposure compensation 82 Shooting in Long Shutter Mode You can set the shutter speed to a slow setting to make dark subjects appear brighter. 1 In the (Rec. ) menu, select . See Selecting Menus and Settings (p. 44). 2 Use the button to select [On] and press the MENU button. The display will return to the Rec. menu, select press the SET button. * The current setting is displayed. * and See Selecting Menus and Settings (p. [. . . ] · (Superfine), (Fine) and (Normal) indicate the compression setting. 176 Image File Sizes (Estimated) Resolution (2048 x 1536) (1600 x 1200) (1024 x 768) (640 x 480) (640 x 480) Movies (320 x 240) (160 x 120) 1602 KB 1002 KB 570 KB 249 KB Compression 893 KB 558 KB 320 KB 150 KB 990 KB/sec. 445 KB 278 KB 170 KB 84 KB SD Memory Card Interface Dimensions Weight : Compatible with SD memory card standard : 32. 0 x 24. 0 x 2. 1 mm (1. 3 x 0. 9 x 0. 1 in. ) : Approx. 2 g (0. 1 oz. ) Battery Pack NB-3L Type Nominal Voltage Typical Capacity Cycle Life Operating Temperatures Dimensions Weight : Rechargeable Lithium Ion Cell : 3. 7 V : 790 mAh : Approx. 300 times : 0 to 40 °C (32 to 104 °F) : 32. 0 x 44. 8 x 9. 0 mm (1. 3 x 1. 8 x 0. 4 in. ) : Approx. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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