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[. . . ] / S. A. Bessenveldstraat 7, B ­ 1831 Diegem, Belgium Tel. : (02) 722. 04. 11 Fax: (02) 721. 32. 74 Helpdesk : 0900-10627 http://www. canon. be CANON LUXEMBOURG S. A. Rue des Joncs 21, L-1818 Howald, Luxembourg Tel. : (352) 48 47 961 Fax: (352) 48 47 96232 Helpdesk : 900-74100 http://www. canon. lu SEQUE SOC. NAC. EQUIP. , LDA. Pr. Alegria, 58-2° C, 1269-149 Lisboa, Portugal Tel: +0121 324 28 30 Fax: +0121 347 27 51 http://www. seque. pt Eastern Europe Camera User Guide CANON NEDERLAND N. V. Neptunusstraat 1, 2132 JA Hoofddorp, The Netherlands Tel. : 023 ­ 5 670 123 Fax: 023 ­ 5 670 124 Helpdesk: 023 ­ 5 681 681 http://www. canon. nl CANON CEE GMBH Oberlaaerstr 233, A-1100 Wien, Austria Tel. : +43 1 680 88-0 Fax: +43 1 680 88-422 CIS CANON DANMARK A/S 1, Knud Hoejgaards Vej, DK-2860 Soeborg, Denmark Phone: +45 44 88 26 66 E-mail: helpdesk@canon. dk http://www. canon. dk CANON NORTH-EAST OY Takomotie 4 P. O. Box 80, FIN-00381 Helsinki, Finland Tel. : +358 10 544 20 Fax: +358 10 544 10 http://www. canon. ru CEL-SD75A211 00-124celCUGE_00_cov14_GM. p65 © 2002 CANON INC. 1 PRINTED IN THE EU · Please read the Read This First section (p. · Please refer to the Software Starter Guide for information on installing the software and downloading images. [. . . ] In addition, you are recommended to use the optional FC-256MH CF Card (not sold in some regions) to shoot setting. movies with the · Be careful not to touch the microphone while recording. · The AE, AF, white balance and zoom settings remained fixed for subsequent frames at the values selected for the first frame. · After a clip is shot, the upper indicator will blink green while the clip is being written to the CF card. · The shutter sound will not sound when you fully press the shutter button to record a movie clip. · QuickTime 3. 0 or later is required to replay movie files (AVI/ Motion JPEG) on a computer. QuickTime (for Windows) is included on the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk. On the Macintosh platform, this program is generally bundled with Mac OS 8. 5 or later operating systems. 04-124celCUGE_042_059_GM. p65 57 12/9/02, 13:40 58 Shooting Locking the Focus (AF Lock) It may be difficult to focus on the following types of subjects. · Subjects with extremely low contrast to the surroundings · Subjects with extremely bright objects at the center of the composition · Subjects that are moving quickly · Subjects through glass : Try to shoot as close to the glass as possible to reduce the chances of light reflecting back off the glass. Shooting with the Focus Lock Method 1 1. Aim the camera so that an object at the same focal distance as the main subject is centered in the AF frame in the viewfinder or LCD monitor. Re-aim the camera to compose the shot as desired and press the shutter button all the way. Method 2 · Turn the LCD monitor on. Meters the area within the spot AE point at the center of the LCD monitor. Use this mode when the subject is backlit or surrounded by strong light. Evaluative Light Metering Spot AE Point · Display or . 05-124celCUGE_060_073_GM. p65 63 12/9/02, 13:39 64 Shooting Adjusting the Exposure Compensation Adjust the exposure compensation setting to avoid making the subject too dark when it is backlit or shot against a bright background or to avoid making lights appear too bright in night shots. · Use the or button to adjust the exposure compensation. · The settings can be adjusted in ±2 stops in 1/3-stop increments. · You can confirm the effect of the exposure compensation setting in the LCD monitor when the LCD monitor is on. The menu will reappear after the shot, allowing you to further adjust the setting. · Reset the exposure compensation by returning the setting to 0. 05-124celCUGE_060_073_GM. p65 64 12/9/02, 13:39 Shooting 65 Shooting in Long Shutter Mode You can set the shutter speed to a slow setting to make dark subjects appear brighter. 37). In the (Rec. ) menu, select . · Use the or button to select [On]. · The display will return to the Rec. screen. Long Shutter Menu or button to select the · Use the long shutter menu and the or button to select a shutter speed. The menu will reappear after the shot, allowing you to further adjust the setting. · While the menu is displayed, press the long shutter mode and finish the procedure. 05-124celCUGE_060_073_GM. p65 65 12/9/02, 13:39 66 Shooting · The nature of CCD image sensors is such that noise in the recorded image increases at long shutter speeds. This camera, however, applies special processing to images shot at shutter speeds slower than 1. 3 seconds to eliminate the noise, thereby producing high-quality images. [. . . ] By connecting to an Exif Print-compliant printer, the camera's image data at the time of shooting is used and optimized, yielding extremely high quality prints. 2 * This is the maximum recording time per movie clip for the optional Canon FC-256MH CF card (not sold in some regions). Battery Capacity Battery Pack NB-1LH (fully charged) Number of recordable images Replay LCD monitor on LCD monitor off Approx. · At low operating temperatures, the battery performance may drop and the low battery icon may appear sooner than at high temperature. To improve performance at these temperatures, warm the battery in your pocket just before using it in the camera. Test Criteria Shooting: Normal temperature (23º C/73º F), alternating between wide angle and telephoto every 20 seconds, flash used one in four shots, power turned off and on again after every eighth shot. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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